NetGear WNDR3800 N600 Review

(W-LAN router)
WNDR3800 N-600

Excellent (A) 2 reviews 01/2012
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Product specification:
  • Type: WLAN
  • WLAN-Standards (IEEE): 802.11g, …
  • Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet
  • External ports: 4 x … more information

PC Pro
Single test
"very good" (5 out of 6 stars)

Value for money: "good" (4 out of 6 stars), "A List", "Recommended"

Netgear's feature-packed DGND3700 N600 demonstrated a very impressive combination of long-range reliability with short-range speed in PC Pro's tests. NAS performance could've been better, and unfortunately they couldn't recommend it to ADSL 1 users, but for ADSL2/2+ or cable users wanting great performance, they say it should be top of the list.

PC Advisor
Single test
4 out of 5 stars

Netgear's N600 WNDR3800 is a reliable performer. PC Advisor say that setting the router up is quite simple and the interface has been improved compared to previous models. It supports simultaneous dual-band 300Mbps wireless networking and compared to other routers, the WNDR3800 provides great range. Useful features include parental controls and ReadySHARE network storage.

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