Neato Robotics XV-11 Review

(Vacuum cleaner)
Neato Robotics XV-11

Above average (B) 1 review 10/2011
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Product specification:
  • Dust Removal: Dust bag
  • Cleaning type: Dry
  • Type: Robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Equipment: Collision … more information

Single test
8 out of 10 points

Value for money: 8 out of 10 points, "Recommended"

Trusted Reviews claims that the Neato XV-11 is the best robot vacuum yet. It delivers a comprehensive full-room clean with little or no dirt left behind. It also cleverly senses objects in its path and explicitly avoids them. It is very simple to run although quite loud. Users will still need a manual vacuum to finish up where the XV-11 leaves off.

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