NAD C 375 BEE Review


Average (C) 2 reviews 03/2013
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Product specification:
  • Type: Integrated Amplifier
  • Technology: Transistor Amplifier
  • Number of Channels: 2
  • Surround Sound Amplifier: No
  • Weight: 11300 g
  • Output power (4Ω): 183 W … more information

Hi-Fi News
Magazine 5/2013
Place 3 out of 6
Sound Quality: 75%

"Highly Commended"

Warm and smooth, the C 375BEE delights with its openness, huge bass and mind-blowing power. Texture and detail are taken good care of, making it easy to hone in on specific instruments in the mix. Rhythmically, however, Hi-Fi News felt that it didn't impress so much, robbing the music of some of its emotional impact, and its dynamics are not the best among the contenders here.

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision
Magazine 7/2009
Single test
"average" (3 out of 5 stars)

Lack of engagement despite an overall competence mars NAD's C375BEE amplifier. Lazy dynamics and attack and hardness at loud volumes are also issues. Despite the good specs and connectivity, for the price the sonic returns are limited.

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NAD C 375BEE Stereo Intergrated Amplifier

The C 375BEE is far more than a bigger C 355BEE - in fact, it is much closer in spec to the M3 Integrated Amplifier from ,...