Mitsubishi Electric HC 9000D Review

(D-ILA projector)

Excellent (A) 3 reviews 05/2011
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Product specification:
  • HD-capability: Full-HD
  • Projector Type: D-ILA / SXRD
  • Light source: High-pressure lamp
  • Projector brightness: 1000 ANSI …
  • Extras: 3D-ready, Lens Shift
  • Interface: HDMI input … more information

TIPA - European Photo & Imaging Awards
Single test
Without final score

Award Winner 2011

The Diamond HC9000D is a full HD projector from Mitsubishi that the awards team at TIPA believe brings home theatres a superb 3D (and 2D) experience. Images appear most natural and each colour characteristic can be changed independently through the management functions, plus the 120Hz refresh rate ensures smooth transitions.

Magazine 6-7/2011
Single test
“excellent” (1.2); Reference Class

Value for money: “excellent”, “Highlight”

“Mitsubishi’s HC9000 model is a 3D HD projector which most definitely deserves its place in the reference class. ... It can more than sway customers ... who place a great deal of importance on native and ANSI contrast levels. It’s great that even this device’s 2D performance is in no way inferior to the manufacturer’s already famous Full-HD models ...”

Magazine 5-6/2011
Single test
“very good” (87 out of 100 points)


“The new Mitsubishi HC 9000 D delivered an outstanding performance in all of the essential disciplines, such as projection brightness and contrast. Even its motion sharpness and colours impressed, despite a slight overemphasis. Its only weakness lies in its still rather dark 3D picture.”

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