Melitta Caffeo CI Review

(Coffee machine)

Excellent (A) 3 reviews 06/2011
5 opinions (Above average)
Product specification:
  • Type: Fully automatic
  • Capacity in cups: 2
  • Water Tank: 1.8 L
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Features: Operation via display, …
  • Milk frother: Automatic … more information

Plus X Award
“Plus X Award recommendation”

“Plus X Award: User Comfort”, “Plus X Award: Design”

“The Melitta Caffeo CI can accommodate the individual preferences of up to four users, saving the strength, temperature, and amount of coffee, milk and milk foam in personal profiles which are retrievable at the touch of a button. With its two-chamber bean hopper and integrated milk container, it offers extensive variations to your cup of coffee, all of which can be easily controlled through its clear text display. The easy clean function guarantees a fast and hygienic clean-up.”

Magazine 4/2010
Without final score

“Love: extensively equipped value-for-money fully automatic machine with sophisticated clean-up. Hate: when switching coffee beans, the first cup brewed is of the previous coffee variety.”

Magazine 11/2010
“very good” (93.8%)

“The Melitta Caffeo CI consistently delivers really good crema and delicious milk foam. This fully automatic coffee machine is easy to operate, and allows you to create coffee exactly to your own taste.”

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