Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Review

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Think Pad Twist

Above average (B) 3 reviews 10/2012
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Product specification:
  • Type: Ultraportable
  • Display Size: 12.5"
  • Components: SSD hard drive, Intel …
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3317U
  • Internal memory: 4096 MB
  • Hard disk drive … more information

PC Pro
Single test
"good" (4 out of 6 stars)

Value for money: "good" (4 out of 6 stars)

Product tested: ThinkPad Twist (Core i5-3317U, 500GB, 4GB RAM)

The build quality of the ThinkPad Helix disappointed PC Pro, who thought it wasn't up to Lenovo's usual standards and said that the hinge is fiddly and doesn't hold both halves firmly enough when in tablet mode. The display is excellent and very responsive, and connectivity is very good, but performance and battery life also let it down. A poor choice for business users, then.

Single test
4 out of 6 stars

Product tested: ThinkPad Twist (Core i5-3317U, 500GB, 4GB RAM)

Although IT Pro didn't find the spec of their review model too exciting, they said that by spending a bit more, the Twist fares much better. Build quality could be better, there's no stylus support and the screen's resolution is stingy, but the display itself is excellent, the keyboard is as good as always, and connectivity is fantastic. A mixed bag, but interesting nonetheless.

TechRadar UK
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Lenovo has a reputation for building chunky, sturdy business machines, and in that respect, the ThinkPad Twist doesn't disappoint, but some users might find it a bit too bulky and heavy compared to an Ultrabook. TechRadar praised the keyboard and display, and said that Win 8 is a perfect match for the hybrid capabilities of this very interesting device.

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