KTM Sportmotorcycle 690 Duke Review

KTM Sportmotorcycle 690 Duke

Above average (B) 3 reviews 06/2012
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Product specification:
  • Type: Naked Bike
  • Cubic Capacity: 690 cc
  • Nominal Power: 50-100 kW /~ 68- …
  • Top Speed: 193 km/h
  • Number of Cylinders: 1
  • ABS … more information

Fast Bikes
Magazine Summer 2012
Place 4 out of 5

Product tested: 690 Duke ABS (52 kW) [12]

If you can live with such niggles as a problematic gearbox or a lack of serious power at the top end, the 690 Duke ABS makes for a decent naked bike that fixes some of the original Duke's shortcomings and delights with a superb engine that balances usability and insanity perfectly. A great choice for secondary roads and city cruising in Fast Bikes' eyes.

Fast Bikes
Magazine June 2012
Single test
without final score

Product tested: 690 Duke ABS (EJC variant) (58 kW) [12]

Fast Bikes were quite impressed with the EJC-modified 690 Duke, saying that it's the perfect step between a 125 and a 600 and that it's simply ideal for novices to learn braking, cornering and overall racing with. Furthermore, even seasoned riders could benefit from its abilities, since it's easy to handle, responsive and the motor is incredibly forgiving.

Fast Bikes
Magazine Spring 2012
Single test

Product tested: 690 Duke ABS (52 kW) [12]

Fast Bikes were not impressed by the ABS brakes when trying to ride like an idiot, but were pleased to find that a button on the dash turned it off. It's quite pricey, and the looks may not appeal to everyone, but it does have a nice slick motor, and this fourth generation KTM 690 Duke, though mellower than past generations, is still oodles of fun.

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