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Product specification:
  • Type: HiFi Headphone
  • Design: Headphones
  • Weight: 241 g … more information

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PC Advisor say that adjustment was needed when the headphones were worn because they were uncomfortably tight. The rectangular cups are comfier than they look, even though they might not suit all tastes. There is a level of flexibility as they can be folded. The sound is fantastic - bass is rich, mid tones have clarity and the top end is bright, nothing was overpowering.

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Their design won't be everybody's cup of tea and they can be uncomfortable if not properly adjusted, but the HA-M750s are absolute scorchers, especially considering that they can be found for less than half the official price. MacWorld were wowed by their impressive bass definition and punch and by their crystal clear midband and high end. A must for your shortlist.

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JVC HA-M750-E Monitor Carbon Integrated Headphones - Black

JVC HA- M 750

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