HTC Thunderbolt Review

(Mobile phone)
HTC Thunderbolt

Excellent (A) 2 reviews 05/2011
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Product specification:
  • Operating System: Android 2
  • Megapixel: 8 MP
  • Display Size: 4.3"
  • Battery: 1400 mAh
  • Type: Smartphone
  • Data Transfer: WiFi … more information
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4 out of 5 stars

While the HTC Thunderbolt can't be considered the epitome of what a 4G phone could be, it certainly gives you a glimpse of what lies ahead for this technology, says Pocket-Lint. Reviewers loved its blazingly quick performance, and after using it for a while, found it tough to go back to the spasmodic twitching of 3G. However, they weren't too keen on its poor battery life.

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"... surfing and downloading speeds are dependent on the Thunderbolt's ability to render pages or load interactivity. And here's where things get stormy. The HTC can feel laggy scrolling and zooming complex websites ..."

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