Geneva XL Review

(Compact Hi-Fi system)
Model XL

Above average (B) 3 reviews 08/2009
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Product specification:
  • Output power: 600 W
  • Components: CD Receiver
  • I/O ports: iPod Dock … more information

Stuff TV
Single test
4 out of 5 stars

"Pros: Huge sounds with plenty of pace and detail from the mid and treble.
Cons: DAB wouldn't go amiss. Stand costs extra. Bass could be a touch more controlled."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision
Magazine 10/2009
Single test
"very good" (4 out of 5 stars)

Well suited to people with plenty of room and a sense of adventure, if you can afford it the Geneva Lab Model XL offers massive sound with great detail extraction in the mid and top-range, although bass could be more precise. At this price, it's a pity there's no DAB included, and a stand also costs extra.

Electric Pig
Single test
4 out of 5 stars

"... this is the only iPod dock you’ll ever need. ... The Geneva Labs XL is big too, and has been described as looking like a sexy, glossy-black, washing machine on a stick! The only other thing as big as the XL, apart from the sound, is the price. £1,500 for an iPod dock? That’s a point off right there! ... Want the ultimate one-box sonic experience? Resistance to the awesome crushing might of the XL is futile... until you see the price."

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Geneva XL High Power HiFi System with iPod Dock - White