Garmin nuLink 1695 Review

(Satellite Navigation System)
nüLink! 1695

Excellent (A) 5 reviews 04/2011
32 opinions (Average)
Product specification:
  • Type: In-car
  • Display size: 5"
  • TMC: No
  • Weight: 232 g
  • No GPS Data Logger
  • Extras: News Headlines, … more information

PC Pro
Single test
"very good" (5 out of 6 stars)

Value for money: "good" (4 out of 6 stars), "Recommended"

In terms of features, the Garmin nuLink 1695 is fantastic, say the folks at PC Pro, who were also pleased by its large, high quality touchscreen, easy to use interface, and loud, clear audio. However, they weren't as impressed with its performance when they took it on the road, noting that its route choices weren't always ideal and that the timing of its instructions could be better.

Magazine 5/2011
"very good" (457 out of 500 points)

“The name ‘Garmin’ stands for good build-quality and simple operation; the Nülink 1695 also has fantastic traffic jam alerts thanks to its Live services.”
Single test
“good to very good”

“Overall the Garmin nüLink 1695 is a navigation device worth recommending. Its large and minimally reflective five inch screen is undoubtedly the highlight of the device. Its Live services work consistently well and are available in all the big European countries. They make sure you have very quick and reliable access to traffic information - it’s too often the case that you can only receive Premium-TMC traffic information if your vehicle is in the right location or if your FM antenna is adjusted properly. ...”

Magazine 4/2010
"very good" (457 out of 500 points)

Value for money: “outstanding”

“With the nülink! 1695, Garmin has in principle done everything right: the hardware is high-quality and potent, features and live services are very extensive and the operation is also wonderfully easy. There is however a need for improvement with the handling of traffic warnings, which can be somewhat confusingly displayed and where the utility of the proposed route can sometimes be unclear. ...”

Magazine 12/2010
"very good" (457 out of 500 points)

Features: “very good” (88 out of 100 points); operation: “very good” (139 out of 150 points); destination guidance: “very good” (136 out of 150 points); route calculation: “very good” (94 out of 100 points). Info: This product was retested here 5/2011 by connect and received the same final score.

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