Garmin Nüvi 3790T Review

(Satellite Navigation System)
Nuvi 3790T

Excellent (A) 8 reviews 06/2011
114 opinions (Average)
Product specification:
  • Type: In-car
  • Display size: 4.3"
  • TMC: No
  • Weight: 113 g
  • No GPS Data Logger
  • Extras: Photo … more information

Computer act!ve
Single test
4 out of 5 stars

In spite of some minor quirks and the occasional crash, Computer Act!ve were very happy with the Nüvi 3790T, commending its compact form factor and great screen on one hand and the quality of its maps on the other. Furthermore, it includes a free subscription to traffic updates, making it excellent value for money.

Single test
9 out of 10 points

Value for money: 9 out of 10 points, "Recommended"

The 3790T's luxurious looks and fabulous touchscreen aren't the only things there are to like about it: TrustedReviews reckon that it's a very versatile piece of kit thanks mainly to its fantastic voice activation system and on-foot navigation capabilities. It can't compare to a TomTom unit equipped with HD Traffic, but it's a very capable device in itself, and an excellent buy too.

EISA Awards
Single test
Without final score

"Best Product 2010-2011: Portable Navigation Device"

Having a slender and gorgeous smartphone like appearance, the Nuvi 3790T is the ultimate in portable navigation. It can be used in both portrait and landscape modes and accepts multitouch gestures and voice activation. The EISA Awards say that route guidance was superb and can be viewed in 3D with lane assist and junction views, also the voice instructions were clear.

Stuff TV
Single test
5 out of 5 stars

"Pros: Exquisite design. Responsive. Excellent battery life.
Cons: Pricey. TomTom's map interface is clearer. No data updates."

PC Advisor
Single test
4.5 out of 5 stars

"... the best feature of the Garmin nuvi 3790T is a glass, capacitive touchscreen that supports multitouch ... If you're willing to pay its premium price you'll get a navigation device that not only looks good, but offers excellent build quality, a great screen and what we think is the best overall navigational experience of any GPS unit on the market."

TechRadar UK
Single test
4.5 out of 5 stars

"... Already renowned as a maker of some of the best sat navs known to Motorway Man, it's completely wrong-footed the competition by coming up with something that's in shouting distance of the iPhone 4 both for its touchscreen, but also in its user interface and ease of use. ... We think the Garmin Nuvi 3790T is simply the best sat nav currently available."

Focus Online
Single test
without final score

“The Garmin nüvi 3790T really turned out pretty - the manufacturer shows that they also dominate contemporary design. But it’s too bad that the mount, the power supply and the TMC cable were left at the cosmetic surgery.”

Magazine 8/2010
“very good” (458 out of 500 points)

“Test Winner”

“... Garmin impresses with hardware and screen design, it works well in everyday life and is simply a lot of fun. ...”

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