FFWD Fast Forward Powerdisc Review

(Bicycle wheel)
FFWD Fast Forward Powerdisc

Above average (B) 1 review 08/2011
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Product specification:
  • Size: 28 Inch
  • Field of use: Race bike wheels
  • Weight of rear wheel: 1501 g
  • Material: Carbon
  • Type: Disc wheel … more information

220 Triathlon
Magazine September 2011
Place 4 out of 5

Fast Forward's carbon disc is a clincher wheel with an alloy braking surface, which helps to improve braking, particularly when it's wet. It is, however, a much heavier wheel than its contenders, and therefore also slower. If you are looking for a clincher, 220 Triathlon think it's well worth a look at, particularly as the other clincher in the test costs about a grand more.

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