Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD Review

(Ink Jet Printer (A4))
Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD

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Product specification:
  • Type: Colour printer, Multifunction …
  • Print technology: Inkjet printer
  • Special Functions: Duplex …
  • Internet access: WLAN
  • Paper Format: B5, A4, C6
  • Cartridge System : … more information

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Register Hardware
Place 1 out of 10

"Editor's Choice"

At the upper end of Epson's all-in-one photo printer range is the PX720WD, which is large, black and glossy with a touchscreen, touch panel and wireless connection as standard. It includes memory card slots and a powered photo tray, and can also print directly onto disk. Photos are printed quickly and with good colour rendition, in Register Hardware's opinion, thanks to the six inks.

Single test
5 out of 5 stars

Courtesy of its six inks, Epson's Stylus Photo PX720WD delivered some fantastic-quality photo prints, according to MacWorld. The feature set was good, and they were especially impressed to find that it was capable of printing lined and graph paper, but they point out that it's pretty bulky, and although the unit price is nice, the six inks bump up the running costs.

The Gadget Show
Single test
4 out of 5 points

Epson's Stylus Photo PX720WD can't deliver professional-standard photos, but it's great for its price, according to FiveFwd. It's capable of printing documents, ink is reasonably priced, and it's feature packed, with Wi-Fi networking and a 2.5in LCD screen being highlights. Its functionality justifies its fairly large size, but they say make sure you've got room for it before you buy.

Digital Photography Review
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Although it's not squarely designed with photographers in mind, Digital Photography Review say the Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD is still very capable of producing great quality photos. Colours are accurate, scanning and copying is good, and Wi-Fi networking could make it an attractive home or home office proposition, but they're not sure it's durable enough for more demanding office use.

Single test
8 out of 10 points

Value for money: 8 out of 10 points

According to Trusted Reviews, anyone who wants to print out their own photo images with the best results should find the Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD just right. Thanks to the six colour printing, the images are produced quickly and show stunning colours and detail. Plain paper results are not so good, but it will suffice for most day-to-day printing tasks.

Single test
9 out of 10 points

Value for money: 8 out of 10 points, "Highly recommended"

ePhotozine found this printer to present a solid case for itself. It produced excellent photo prints and came loaded with features; namely a decent scanner, Wi-fi connectivity, CD printing, and card-reader. It was also easy to use and its duplex printing was good for saving paper. Just a few things could have been better, such as its seemingly large size and shoddy catch tray.

PC Advisor
Single test
4 out of 5 stars

Value for money: 4 out of 5 stars, "Best Buy"

PC Advisor thought that the Stylus Photo PX720WD looked somewhat behind the times as far as its menus and design were concerned, but its fantastic speeds, connectivity options, comprehensive list of features and excellent print quality make it well worth its slightly expensive asking price and a great option for those looking for a good MFP for photo printing.

Expert Reviews
Single test
5 out of 5 stars

"Best Buy"

Expert Reviews were delighted with the Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD MFP. They found it to be especially effective as a photo printer; images produced were beautiful and crisp with no graining. They mention too that the scanner is excellent and running costs are reasonable. They think it is best suited to work at home on artistic projects, rather than in an office.

TechRadar UK
Single test
3.5 out of 5 stars

The Epson PX720WD is pretty much one of the priciest all-in-one A4 printers available, but it justifies this by keeping the running costs to a decent level and offering lots of features, such as the six ink colour system. Tech Radar could not really see any improvements to photo quality above some cheaper five ink system printers though.

Magazine 21/2010
Without final score

“The best photo prints and scans are delivered by the Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD, a device that prints with six inks.”

Magazine 10/2010
Single test
121.5 out of 150 points

“Best buy (value for money)”

“Good prints, good scans and good copies - one can’t really accuse the Stylus Photo PX720FW of having any major weaknesses.”

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