Denon DCD-1510 AE + PMA-1510 AE Review

(CD player)
Denon DCD-1510 AE + PMA-1510 AE

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Product specification:
  • Type: SACD Player
  • CD Changer: No
  • Stationary … more information

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"Best Product 2010-2011: 2-Channel System"

According to the EISA Awards, this SACD / Amplifier combo achieves a new standard in this price range, and just like the previous model, the amp is full of features with the sound quality improved by fine tuning. The newly designed SACD player has two mains transformers, high quality transport and MP3 and WAV compatibility which sets new performance levels at a decent price.

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king of punk king of punk wrote on Monday, 31.10.2011 at 18:37 o’clock:


Advantages: Attractive Design, Easy to Use, Clear Sound, Hard-wearing, Professional Features, Very Reliable
Suitable for: Large Rooms, Small Rooms, At Home
I am: Normal Users

If you want high end sound without the price tag invest in this Denon combo . I did exactly that.

The reason why I bought the Denon was my Meridian 557 broke down & was beyond repair. I was using a full Meridian 500 series system. Trust me the Denon sounds better , powerful , quick, clean & musical. The Cd player sonically is better than my Meridian 507

Nothing to touch it up to £1500, The only amp close was a Creek Destiny at £1,700 (£800 more so why bother?) Replies

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