Canton GLE 490.2 Review

(Floorstanding speakers)

Above average (B) 4 reviews 03/2011
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Product specification:
  • Type: Floorstander
  • System: Stereo Systems
  • Amplification: Passive
  • Enclosure Type: Bassreflex
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 150 W
  • Weight: 19.2 kg … more information

Magazine 4/2011
Sound verdict: 75 points

Value for money: “outstanding”, “Test Winner”

“Likes: a dynamic, balanced, true and incredibly diverse speaker for all volume levels. Dislikes: could be a little more transparent when playing classical music.”

Magazine 4/2011 Plus
“good” (2.06)

Value for money: “very affordable”, “Best buy winner”

“Likes: very vibrant playback; good, fast bass; very good omnidirectional sound. Dislikes: somewhat lacking in deep bass; driver is not CE-/IEC compatible.”

Magazine 12/2010
Single test
“good” (68 out of 100 points)

Value for money: “outstanding”, “Highlight”

“Costing 100 euros more than its little sister, the GLE 490 offers a commanding bass with an even greater level of accuracy. Its large membrane makes it ideal for creating sound in large rooms.”
Single test
“very good”; “Top Class”

Value for money: “very good”

“The new GLE series from Canton offers innovative loudspeaker technology at a reasonable price. Its sound wins points for its high level of detail and its vivid spatiality. Thanks to the most up-to-date materials, and the diligent efforts of the development team, the GLE 490.2 sounds particularly dynamic and neutral. That’s why ‘AV-Magazin’ was more than happy to give it the thumbs up.”

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