Beyerdynamic T 5p Review

Tesla 5p

Excellent (A) 7 reviews 06/2012
2 opinions (Above average)
Product specification:
  • Type: HiFi Headphone, Clamshell …
  • Design: Headphones
  • Shape: Over-ear, Closed
  • Extra Features: Sound-Isolating, …
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Power rating: 300 mW … more information

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision
Magazine 7/2012
Place 1 out of 4
"stunning all-rounder" (5 out of 5 stars)

"FOR: Dynamic and good timing; a decently open, lively sound; good build; portable.
AGAINST: The closed-back design takes away some edge and transparency."

Single test
9 out of 10 points

Beyerdynamic's T5p are luxuriously full-sized, high-end headphones that are suitable for all music devices. Wired felt they stand out above the rest. With nearly all types of music, experience exceptional midrange clarity - even when using an iPod! Due to the excellent build, they are incredibly durable but you would demand that with the massive price tag that accompanies them.

Magazine 12/2010
“very good” (1.2)

“Likes: powerful sound with a present middle and powerful bass; pleasant to wear; robust construction. Dislikes: too cumbersome for mobile headphones.”

Magazine 1/2011
Single test
“very good” (75 out of 100 points)

Value for money: “good”

“Three is the magic number - with the T 5 p, Beyerdynamic is offering film makers, as well music lovers, a fully-fledged, mobile, Hi-Fi headphone. But it’s a luxury you have to be able to afford.”

Magazine 12/2010
Sound Level: 88%

Value for money: “good” (2 out of 5 stars)

“... When connected to an iPod the T5p play sufficiently loudly. But they’re quite heavy for mobile headphones. It doesn’t press down too much - but they’re not the kind of headphones you would wear to go jogging. The T5p has the same neutral quality of the T1; its basic tones aren’t too heavy and it has a crisp, deep bass. Voices are a touch more natural with the T5p but in exchange the T1 sounds minimally spacious.”

Magazine 12/2010
Single test
“very good” (96 out of 100 points)

Value for money: “good”

“... Although they cost almost 900 euros these headphones fully meet all expectations, as the sound is just as breathtaking as the workmanship. The headphones sit perfectly, although at 379 grams they’re not exactly light. ...”

Magazine 11/2010
“good - very good” (73 points)

Value for money: “good”

“The mobile sibling of the T1 home cinema headphones. Specifically designed for Hi-Fi enthusiasts who want audiophile standards of music, even when they’re on the go.”

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Beyerdynamic T- 5p HIFI Headphones, dynamic, closed, frequence 5- 50. 000 Hz, impendance 32 Ohms, loudness 102 dB, ,...

Beyerdynamic T5p Headphone

The T5p is the first high- end mobile headphone. The Tesla technology developed by Beyerdynamic has made this experience ,...

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