Becker Automotive Systems Professional 43 Control (Europe) Review

(Satellite Navigation System)
Professional 43 Control (EU)

Above average (B) 5 reviews 05/2011
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Product specification:
  • Type: In-car
  • Display size: 4.3"
  • TMC: No
  • No GPS Data Logger
  • Extras: City Guide, Picture …
  • Bluetooth … more information

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Magazine 3/2011
Single test
“good” (1.7)

Value for money: 13 out of 15 points

“By giving it a remote control, United Navigation has ensured its Becker model has a unique selling point. But even without it, the Professional 43 Control still delivers good results.”

Magazine 5/2011
“very good” (451 out of 500 points)

“The Becker Professional comes with a practical satellite remote control which means you can almost use it like an entertainment system.”

Magazine 8/2011
Single test
373 out of 500 points

“Likes: includes a MarcoPolo travel guide; voice control feature works well. Dislikes: display is largely covered with additional fields; petrol station logos.”

Telecom Handel
Magazine 6/2011
Single test
“good” (85 out of 100 points)

Value for money: 13 out of 15 points

“The Becker Professional 43 Control doesn’t come with any obvious weaknesses and its very good lane assistant (amongst other things) makes sure you get to your destination. The only aspect that lets it down is its handsfree function and buyers also have to sadly make do without an internet connection.”
Single test
“Very good” (4.2 out of 5 stars)

“As well as its extra-special feature - a wireless remote control - the Professional 43 Control offers a great deal of functionality and reliable navigation. Topping its list of features are an active mount, TMCpro, map screen with lots of navigation guidance and route calculation based on archived traffic data. Worth mentioning are finer points such as a port for an external GPS aerial and a separate on/ off switch. And the Professional 43 leaves no room for any major flaws ...”

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