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Product specification:
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Hands free
  • Standby time: 144 h
  • Talk time: 10 h
  • Technology: VoIP Telephone
  • Type: Telephone with … more information

Expert Reviews
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3 out of 5 stars

The Fritz!FON MT-F DECT phone from AVM connects to a Fritz!Box router, allowing you to listen to online radio, make internet phone calls and email, as well as acting as a normal landline. ExpertReviews think it has an easy to use and responsive user interface. It also features an RSS news feed but call quality is pretty poor, as people sound faint at the other end of the line.

Computer act!ve
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4 out of 5 stars

Aside from the fact that the Fritzfon MT-F works best with a Fritzbox router, reviewers at ComputerAct!ve found very little else to criticise. They concluded that all-in-all, this is a nicely designed Dect phone that boasts some desirable features, such as a large, colour display, internet radio tuner, and email access.

IT Reviews
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If you happen to own a Fritz!Box 7270 or 7390, then the Fritz!Fon MT-F makes a perfect accessory, thanks to some nifty features, say the folks at IT Reviews. However, though many can be quite handy, like its email function, reviewers don't recommend picking this up just as an extra handset, seeing as then, one wouldn't be taking full advantage of all its uses.

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Excellent sound quality thanks to its DECT HD voice support, the ability to display e-mails and RSS feeds or to play podcasts and internet radio are some of the features that make the Fritz!Fon MT-F much more than a simple cordless handset. ZDNet were impressed by the possibility of controlling a router's settings from the phone and said that it was excellent value for money.

Magazine 6/2010
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“... To be brutally honest there’s very little at present that sets the FritzFon MT-F apart from its predecessor, which is 30 euros cheaper. We can only hope that AVM are planning on using updates to exploit the hardware potential of the MT-F.”

Magazine 3/2010
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“good” (401 out of 500 points)


“If you have your own AVM FritzBox with an integrated DECT unit, such as the 7270, the 7240, the 7390 or a similarly constructed provider model, the MT-F is a great choice for you. This is because it enables practical and comfortable use of all of the FritzBox’s sophisticated features. The ability to update the software on the handset and the FritzBox also means that it will soon be possible to expand the device’s range of functions even further.”

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AVM FRITZ!Fon MT-F 20002446 Cordless Telephone(EU Plug)

Recharge Time: 6 hour (s) , Standby Time: Up to 180 h, Battery: 1 x battery, Capacity: 750 mAh, Technology: ,...

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