Asus GeForce GTS 450 TOP Review

(PCI Express Graphics Card)
ENGTS 450 DirectCU TOP/DI/1GD5

Excellent (A) 3 reviews 10/2010
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Product specification:
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Cooling Solution: Active
  • Bus Type: PCI Express
  • Processor clock speed: 925 MHz
  • DirectX version: 11
  • Shader speed: 1850 MHz … more information

PC Advisor
Single test
4.5 out of 5 stars

PC Advisor found the ENGTS450 TOP DirectCU to be an excellent performer thanks to its efficient cooling system and factory overclock. It's also remarkably silent even when running at full load and managed to beat its most direct competitor, the Radeon 5770, in every benchmark, proving that Nvidia have managed to get their mojo back.

Bit Tech
Single test
Without final score

This overclocked Asus variant of Nvidia's GTS 450 showed impressive speeds in Bit-tech's tests, but in spite of this they couldn't recommend it due to its price, which is the same as that of the faster GTX 460. On merits alone this would be a very good card by any standards, but with such competition, there simply is no reason for it to exist.

TechRadar UK
Single test
4 out of 5 stars

Tech Radar particularly liked the GTS 450 when it was overclocked, but even at stock speeds it is a solid graphics chip. They struggle to recommend it though for two reasons: its main competition at the same price, the HD5770, worked equally well in all performance tests. Also the GTS460, Asus' chip with a higher spec, is far superior and doesn't cost too much more.

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