Alwil Software Avast Home Edition 4.8 Review

(Virus scanner)
Alwil Software Avast Home Edition 4.8

Average (C) 3 reviews 03/2010
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Product specification:
  • Platform: Win 2000, Win Vista, …
  • Type: Virus Scanner
  • Freeware … more information

PC Pro
Single test
"good" (4 out of 6 stars)

Value for money: "excellent" (6 out of 6 stars)

"... One distinctive feature is the Virus Recovery Database, which stores changes to your files so they can be restored to their original form in the event of a virus attack. It's a nice idea, but Windows' built-in System Restore and Previous Versions features provide almost as much reassurance. Avast is a fairly nimble system, with a quicker than average boot time and an inoffensive memory footprint. ... The fact remains, though, that there are slicker options than this, and more effective ones. ... It's free, and works acceptably, but it's an aesthetic nightmare."

Computer Shopper
Single test
3 out of 5 stars

"... It's quick to install and lightweight; we had no trouble running other programs during scans. It has loads of features, but an often-confusing interface. Unfortunately, it was compromised in four of our web threat exposure tests. Microsoft's free Security Essentials lacks many of Avast!'s more advanced features, but is easy to use and was compromised only once. ... Avast! has loads of features and provided effective all-round malware defence, but it wasn't the best free security suite against web threats."

Place 3 out of 6
72 out of 100 points

"... The two-hour-plus full system scan didn't exactly inspire us, we can only assume it was being very thorough - although it failed to detect either of the nasties we'd left on the PC. ... Avast! does include some nice features for a free bit of software, though, such as the ability to scan within archive files like ZIPs and RARs, and POP3 email scanning."

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