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  Microsoft Windows Live Writer

"... As a free blogging tool, Live Writer has a lot to offer."

1 review

  Google Blogger

"... While the Beta version has its drawbacks, Blogger is currently the most versatile blogging tool that you can use for free and without any special skills."

1 review

  Six Apart TypePad

"... The templates look good, the widgets are plentiful, the help is helpful and you might be able to complete a decent modern blog using the tools provided without having to trawl the web for …

1 review


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Blog providers allow what many people can't afford due to lack of web space and programming skills: to publish your own content on the Net. You should take your time to choose the right provider, as there are many differences in looks, functionality, and, not least, price.

Blogs (short for weblogs), are an integral part of the digital lifestyle. Since they appeared, they've made it possible for everybody to express their opinions on the Internet, write articles on all aspects of everyday life and discuss specific issues. However, not everybody has their own server or web space or is able to install a blogging system / software like WordPress. Lack of knowledge of HTML can also be a problem. Here is where blog providers step in to provide commercial services that offer both features: web space and a browser-based administrative system, which makes the blog more or less easy to manage. There are differences regarding technology, support and communities. Thus, some providers make do with the essentials, while others offer useful features free of charge such as comment forms, support for uploading pictures or automatic placement in search engines that otherwise you would have to do for yourself. Crucial for many is to what extent the layout can be customised to taste. Besides the great number of free blog hosting services available, there are also of course fee-based options to choose from, but most vendors who offer their services for free usually include advertising in their users' blogs, something which should an exclusion criterion for many potential bloggers evaluating their options.