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FRITZ!Box 7390 Wireless Router

WLAN, 3G Router; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet

PC Advisor's team loved the huge selection of features boasted by the AVM FritzBox 7390, noting that they found this model to be even better than the 7270 version, since it offers simultaneous …

8 reviews | 25 opinions (Above average)


FRITZ! Box Fon WiFi 7330
AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WiFi 7330

WLAN, ADSL; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet

Computer Act!ve recommends the AVM Fritzbox 7330 router specifically for those who are especially interested in telephony features, as this model is exceptionally equipped in that respect. For anyone …

1 review


Portable 3G/3.75G Wireless N Router TL-MR3020
TP-Link TL-MR3020

3G Router; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet, Wired, Wireless

The TP-Link TL-MR3020 wireless N router is a cheap way to share a 3G connection between a number of devices. It is small, lightweight and powered via USB. PC Advisor say the plastic build feels …

4 reviews | 303 opinions (Above average)


D-Link Whole Home Router 1000 DIR-645
D-Link Whole Home Router 1000 DIR-645

WLAN; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet

Though more expensive than many other routers, Computeractive say that the D-Link DIR-645 is a stylish looking wireless router that offers extra features. It includes smartbeam technology - 6 …

5 reviews | 12 opinions (Average)


RT-N66U Dark Knight
Asus RT-N66U

WLAN; Connectivity: Wireless

At £150, the Asus RT-N66U is rather expansive for a home router, but besides that TechRadar had no other complaints. This high-end device has a fantastic web interface, and it is quicker and simpler …

1 review | 5 opinions (Excellent)


PCTV Systems Broadway 2T
PCTV Systems Broadway 2T

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: EPG

PCTV's Broadway 2 can connect to your router, and then give you access to the TV over any internet connection worldwide. The box transfers a TV signal either wirelessly or via ethernet to your …

3 reviews | 6 opinions (Above average)



WLAN; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet, Wireless

If the flagship wireless router from AVM is out of your price range, the FRITZ!Box 3270 is a more affordable option but it can't act as a base unit for cordless phones. It supports both 2.4GHz …

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Apple Time Capsule (2009)
Apple Time Capsule (2009)

Type: External; Hard disk size: 3.5"

Simple to use and convenient for backup and networking, Apple's Time Capsule 2009 does have some limitations in accessing advanced functionality. Support for Time Machine, and PC compatability …

10 reviews | 11 opinions (Average)


NBG 6716

WLAN; Connectivity: Wireless, WLAN & Ethernet, Wired

It's hard to recommend the NBG6716 due to its high price and disappointing performance. PC Advisor weren't too fond of its user interface either, saying it needs a rehaul, and pointed out …

1 review | 27 opinions (Above average)


Buffalo AirStation 1750 WZR-D1800H
Buffalo AirStation 1750 WZR-D1800H

WLAN; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet

For most people it's ridiculous to buy any kind of 802.11ac hardware so early on, but if investing in the future is your thing, the AirStation 1750 is a very good offering indeed that produces …

3 reviews


My Net N-900 Central (1 TB)
Western Digital My Net N900 Central (1TB)

WLAN, ADSL; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet, Wired, Wireless

Western Digital have managed to break into the router market with a product that Trusted Reviews is pleased with. It may not look very impressive, in fact it looks cheap, but it performs well at 5GHz …

1 review | 8 opinions (Average)


NetGear Rangemax Dual Band Wireless-N 300 WNDR3700

WLAN; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet, Wireless

The NetGear WNDR3700's installation and set-up process might be complicated for some, but reviewers at PC Advisor feel it's still well within reason. They say that they only had minor …

3 reviews | 29 opinions (Above average)


D-Link DIR-600
D-Link DIR-600

WLAN; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet, Wireless

PC Advisor think the DIR-600 looks small and slow, but they say it is actually a really fast wireless router at 150Mbps. Perfectly befitting for a small house or apartment, it is competent at …

1 review | 1 opinion (Above average)


Cyberoam CR15i
Cyberoam CR15i

Firewall throughput of 90MB/s and LAN, WAN and DMZ Ethernet ports along with easy and flexible set-up for zones, users, policies and filtering make Cyberoam's CR15i with subscription and 8x5 …

1 review


D-Link NetDefend DFL-260
D-Link NetDefend DFL-260

Policy-based management in D-Link's NetDefend DFL-260 is initially confusing, as it all of the configurations. Hardware acceleration, IPS availability and 50 user network support make this a …

1 review


TP-Link TL-R470T+
TP-Link TL-R470T+

Hardware Firewall, ADSL; Connectivity: Wired

The TP-Link TL-R470T+ is an ideal solution for a small business that needs multiple WAN connections, offering four wired WAN ports. Three of the ports can be configured to either WAN or switched LAN …

1 review | 9 opinions (Above average)


D-Link DSR-500N

Hardware Firewall, WLAN, ADSL; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet, Wired, Wireless

With an astounding range, good security options and useful features such as two WAN ports or the possibility of using it as a print server, the DSR-500N certainly justifies every penny of its hefty …

1 review


D-Link DAP-1360
D-Link DAP-1360

WLAN; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet, Wireless

The DAP-1360 is a more flexible device than most access points are, having a repeater mode to pick up signals from existing wireless networks and retransmittting to boost the network range, and also …

1 review | 2 opinions (Average)



WLAN; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet

The Trendnet TEW-692GR dual band wireless router features four Gigabit Ethernet ports and a WAN port, to connect your modem. TechRadar think despite the small size, it was maybe a big mistake to …

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Poor)


BiPAC 7800 DXL
Billion BiPAC 7800DXL

3G Router, ADSL, LTE-Router, WLAN; Connectivity: WLAN & Ethernet, Wired, Wireless

Thanks to its integrated modem and USB port, which allows for printers and hard drives to be connected to it and shared over a network, the BiPAC 7800DXL offers a good deal of flexibility. PC Advisor …

1 review | 82 opinions (Above average)



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