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Kindle WiFi (2012)
Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi (2012)

6"; E-Ink; b/w; Operation: Navigation buttons / D-pad; Data Transfer: WLAN, USB

"... the real question is whether the £110 Kindle Paperwhite is worth the extra money over this compact, excellent value ereader. ... If you're just looking for a cheap all-round ereader …

6 reviews | 9,154 opinions (Above average)


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013)
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013)

6"; E-Ink; b/w; Operation: Touchscreen; Data Transfer: WLAN, USB

The best e-reader on the market just got better with the new edition of the Kindle Paperwhite, and although CNET were concerned that its price tag is starting to creep up a bit, they said that

8 reviews


More information at: Expert Reviews, 11/2013 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite The original Kindle Paperwhite was a superb device that revolutionised e-book readers by incorporating a backlight that felt more natural and gentler on the eyes than the LED screens used in tablets. Now it's being updated with an improved screen and a more powerful processor, but were these changes really necessary? … to review

Kindle Paperwhite (Wi-Fi + 3G)
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (WiFi + 3G)

6"; E-Ink; b/w; Operation: Touchscreen; Data Transfer: GSM / UMTS, WLAN

While The Inquirer wasn't sure it was worth paying the premium that the 3G model of Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite demands, they nevertheless found this to be a fantastic device - if you …

5 reviews


Kindle Touch (2011)
Amazon Kindle Touch

6"; E-Ink; b/w; Operation: Touchscreen; Data Transfer: WLAN, USB

The Amazon Kindle Touch made a great impression on the folks at Computer Act!ve. It is slightly bulkier than the previous model but it can also hold double the number of books. The touchscreen is a

14 reviews


More information at: The Inquirer, 6/2012 Amazon Kindle Touch Amazon have launched the first touchscreen, which is supposed to make it even easier to use the e-reader. See how the Kindle Touch performs. … to review

Kindle Paperwhite (Wi-Fi only)
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (WiFi only)

6"; E-Ink; b/w; Operation: Touchscreen; Data Transfer: WLAN

There's simply no other e-reader on the market that can compare with the Kindle Paperwhite, The Gadget Show said. B&N's own light-equipped model is fantastic indeed, but Amazon's media …

6 reviews | 4,416 opinions (Above average)


Amazon Kindle Touch 3G
Amazon Kindle Touch 3G

6"; E-Ink; b/w; Operation: Touchscreen; Data Transfer: WLAN, USB, GSM / UMTS

The Amazon Kindle Touch 3G eBook reader has a touch sensitive screen, but this comes with a higher price tag than the original. Pocket-lint think that this is the most accomplished touchscreen eBook …

2 reviews | 1,481 opinions (Above average)


Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi (2011)
Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi (2011)

6"; E-Ink; b/w; Operation: Navigation buttons / D-pad; Data Transfer: WLAN, USB

If the only thing you want to do on your Kindle is read books and you don't need annotations, text-to-speech, 3G connectivity or audiobooks, PC Pro reckon that the latest, keyboard-less model is

17 reviews | 9,154 opinions (Above average)


More information at: PC Pro, 12/2011 Amazon Kindle Compared with the previous generation model, the 2011 Kindle is quite a downgrade as far as features are concerned, but it's also cheaper, thinner and lighter. … to review

Kindle 3 (3G, WiFi)
Amazon Kindle 3 (WiFi, 3G)

6"; Operation: Keyboard; Data Transfer: WLAN, USB, GSM / UMTS

GadgetSpeak found the Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi and 3G easy to use, and really liked the low reflection E-ink screen which showed sharp graphics. With MP3 playing capability, good sound quality and a wide …

11 reviews


Amazon Kindle 3 (WiFi only)
Amazon Kindle 3 (WiFi only)

6"; Operation: Keyboard; Data Transfer: WLAN, USB

“Likes: very good display; sits comfortably in your hands; comfortable keyboard. Dislikes: no EPUB support; memory cannot be expanded.”

5 reviews


More information at: SFT-Magazin, issue 4/2011 Machine readable E-book readers: films, songs and photos have all landed in the digital age, and now it’s only books that are lagging behind. However the latest generation of e-readers are looking to shake things up, and their chances of succeeding are looking good! In test: Six e-book readers were reviewed.

Kindle Keyboard (2010)
Amazon Kindle 3 (2010)

6"; Operation: Keyboard; Data Transfer: WLAN, USB

The new Kindle is an improvement in all respects over the previous version, sporting faster navegation and searching, support for subscriptions, inbuilt Wi-Fi capabilities and a more ergonomically

7 reviews


More information at: PC Advisor, 8/2011 Amazon Kindle 3 This third incarnation of Amazon's Kindle e-book reader brings a few new features and revamped looks to the table. … to review

Kindle 2 U.S. & International Wireless
Amazon Kindle 2

6"; Operation: Keyboard; Data Transfer: GSM / UMTS, USB

"... The brushed aluminium back is pleasant to hold, and the Kindle feels solid and satisfyingly weighty ... The Amazon Kindle has a distinct edge over the other two eBook readers in terms of

8 reviews


More information at: MacFormat, 1/2010 Amazon Kindle (US edition) Golly, that iPod thingy was quite successful, wasn't it? Would it work for books? … to review

DX (2010)
Amazon Kindle DX

9.7"; Operation: Keyboard; Data Transfer: GSM / UMTS, USB

"Obviously, lowering the Kindle DX's price and improving its screen are something Amazon had to do to keep the DX relevant ... With a price delta between it and the entry-level iPad now

6 reviews


More information at: ZDNet, 8/2010 Amazon Kindle DX (graphite, global 3G wireless) Among leading e-book readers, a 6in. screen — which approximates the size of a paperback book — is standard: it's what you'll find on the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook (in the US) and at least one version of the Sony Reader. But for those who prefer the more spacious pages of a magazine or newspaper, that size can be a bit cramped. With that in mind, Amazon released the Kindle DX in the summer of 2009, supersizing the Kindle experience with a 9.7in. E-ink screen. … to review

Amazon Kindle 1
Amazon Kindle 1

Operation: Keyboard; Data Transfer: GSM / UMTS, USB

While PC Pro had to admit that the Kindle had a definite advantage with its free wireless access to the Amazon book store, even allowing users to get their morning paper delivered wirelessly, the …

1 review



Product information and further reviews

Amazon Kindle Touch 11/2011 - Is the aptly named Kindle Touch as close to a digital book as it gets, or is it just a black and white tablet try-hard?

Amazon Kindle (2011 edition) ebook reader Computer act!ve 11/2011 - The original Kindle was superb, but came at a high-ish price once the import fees had been paid for shipping from Amazon in the States. The latest Kindle comes in at less than half that price, so is it still as good?

Amazon Kindle review (late 2011, no keyboard) Wired 11/2011 - From both a design and price point of view, it seems the new Kindle from Amazon undercuts it keyboard toting older brother. But is this 6-inch keyboardless version really any better?

Hands-on: the new, keyboard-free Kindle gets out of the way of the book Ars Technica 11/2011 - Of all of Amazon's recent announcements the Fire got all the headlines, but the cornerstone of the online retailer's world domination plans is undoubtedly the new, cheaper, lighter Kindle.

Amazon Kindle 4 T3 11/2011 - Amazon have improved what was already arguably the best e-Reader in town, and although it only costs the equivalent of around £50 in the US, there's no denying that £89 for the fourth generation Kindle is still cheap.

£89 Amazon Kindle PC Advisor 10/2011 - The new Kindle manages to keep its predecessor's 6-inch screen while shrinking the body to pocketable dimensions by doing away with the previous model's keyboard.

Amazon Kindle TechRadar UK 10/2011 - At £89, the Amazon Kindle 4 is the most affordable Kindle model to be released so far but how does it compare to its dearer counterparts?

Amazon Kindle Expert Reviews 10/2011 - The latest Kindle model from Amazon is the most compact and the cheapest yet.

The Kindle Touch Feels Good 11/2011 - With the advent of the touchscreen tablet, it was supposed that the Amazon Kindle would die its death, but that certainly wasn't the case. Now sporting a touchscreen, the Kindle Touch goes to show that there's plenty of life left in the e-reader yet.

Amazon Kindle 4 Register Hardware 10/2011 - The Kindle 4 is a refreshingly affordable e-reader with the ease of use of any dearer Kindle model. What sacrifices have been made to keep the cost down?

Amazon Kindle 10/2011 - The size, weight, and features of the latest Amazon Kindle have been cut, and so has the price. With a price tag of just £89, it's the most affordable Kindle so far.

Hands-On: Amazon's Fourth-Gen Kindle Refresh Tom's Hardware 10/2011 - Amazon have brought out a new take on the Kindle but is it an improvement or just more of the same?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 12/2013 - Despite being locked to Amazon's store, the Kindle is the best e-reader on the market since its inception, and that doesn't look set to change with the new Paperwhite model. But is its price of over £100 starting to feel a bit too much?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 10/2013 - Compared to the original Kindle Paperwhite, the new model doesn't look like too much of a step forward, but do these subtle improvements result in a significantly better device overall?

Amazon Kindle (fifth generation) PC Pro 10/2012 - As if last year's Kindle wasn't enough of a bargain, the latest model is £20 cheaper still, making it harder and harder to find an excuse not to choose it over the competition. PC Pro check to see if there are any chinks in its armour.

Amazon Kindle 5 (2012) PC Advisor 10/2012 - Amazon's Kindles are the most popular ebook readers around at the moment and hopefully the new and improved basic model will keep up the good reputation.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review (2013): a superb, if pricey, ereader PC Advisor 10/2013 - The original Kindle Paperwhite was a truly fantastic reader, so Amazon has chosen not to tamper too much with a winning formula and the improvements to its successor are scarce. PC Advisor check if it's worth the upgrade.

Amazon Kindle Touch Stuff TV 5/2012 - Amazon's Kindles have long had a hold on the e-reader market, but its new finger-friendly model is a departure from its buttoned-up brothers. Is it a touch of class?

Amazon Kindle Touch TechRadar UK 4/2012 - Amazon have updated their eBook readers and now there's Kindle Touch, which is completely touch controlled. How well does it perform?

Amazon Kindle 3 - Wi-Fi version 9/2010 - Amazon is now offering the third version of its e-book reader, promising a smaller, lighter model with 50% better contrast. The screen measurement stays the same however, at 6" (15.2cm) diagonally. A lot of small details have been finely tuned too, which we’ll be looking at in more depth in our review. ...

Amazon Kindle Touch PC Advisor 11/2011 - In the US, Amazon's Kindle Touch is their e-reader flagship - but with no UK release planned, it has to be shipped from the States!

Yes, that's a button! The Kindle Touch reviewed Ars Technica 11/2011 - The new Kindle Touch does away with the hardware keyboard and the buttons of previous models save one. It's dearer than the basic version, but it also offers a bit more. Enough to justify the price?

Amazon Kindle (2011) 9/2011 - With the launch of the Kindle Fire tablet hogging the limelight, it would be easy to miss the release of Amazon's cheapest Kindle ebook reader ever. But just how many corners have been cut to make it available at a near pocket-money price?

Amazon Kindle (new) The Gadget Show 10/2010 - The latest iteration of Amazon's eBook reader promises better contrast, faster page-turning as well as boasting a new svelte body that's 21 per cent thinner (and therefore lighter) as well as an increased 4GB internal memory.

Amazon Kindle DX Global Wireless Edition ZDNet 3/2010 - Amazon's Kindle DX Global Wireless Edition is the largest e-book reader we've seen to date. It benefits from an HSDPA connection for purchasing books, magazines and newspapers, so there's no need to connect it to your PC to populate it with content. But it's also somewhat hamstrung for the UK market, so is it still worth considering?

Amazon Kindle DX Register Hardware 2/2010 - It took Amazon's Kindle 2 a good while to escape from Uncle Sam's backyard but less than three months more for the international version of the Kindle DX to arrive. Before we even laid hands on the DX we knew it was both bigger and more expensive, but is it any better?

Amazon Kindle 2 Computer Shopper 12/2009 - Amazon's Kindle, which has proved popular in the US, is finally available in the UK.

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