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Rotolight OWLE HD Video Kit for iPhone 4
Rotolight OWLE HD Video Kit for iPhone 4

Although setting the kit up properly can be tricky at first, your efforts will be rewarded, say reviewers at MacWorld, who describe the Rotolight OWLE HD Video Kit as a great way to obtain video and …

1 review | 2 opinions (Above average)


Breffo Spiderpodium
Breffo Spiderpodium

If you want to support your compact camera or phone, either for shooting or just as a stand, ePHOTOzine say the Spider Podium is a brilliantly versatile device. With eight legs that bend in four

1 review | 37 opinions (Above average)


More information at: ePHOTOzine, 11/2011 Breffo Spider Podium Hold your camera or phone in some weird and wonderful positions with the eight-legged Breffo Spider Podium. … to review

Samsung DA-E550

Mobile phone docking station, Mobile Phone Speakers

You miss out on AirPlay and USB ports with the DA-E550, but considering its very wallet-friendly price, it's impressive that Bluetooth, a smartphone dock that's also Android-compatible and

1 review | 1 opinion (Average)


More information at: TrustedReviews, 10/2012 Samsung DA-E550 Samsung's DA-E750 was impressive but pricey, so if your budget is limited, you might want to take a look at some other, more affordable, models from the series, such as the DA-E550. … to review

Fisheye and Wide Angle Lenses for iPhone
iPro Lens iPhone lens system

The iPro Lens system comes with wide angle and fisheye lenses that attach to the special iPhone case. MacWorld think the wide angle lens is particularly good as it does what an app can't -

1 review


More information at: MacWorld, 2/2012 iPro Lens The iPro Lens is an iPhone 4 and 4S add-on, enabling you to take wide angle and fisheye photographs. When there are already apps available to add effects to your photographs, is it worth purchasing a special phone camera lens? … to review

Live View micro display
Sony Ericsson LiveView

Sure, the LiveView is a nifty idea, says IT Reviews, but first there needs to be a good overhaul of its software, seeing as it crashes on occasion and has a tendency to lose its Bluetooth connection. …

3 reviews | 56 opinions (Average)


3-in-1 iPhone 4 lens
Olloclip iPhone 4 lens system

Averaging £20 per lens (£60 unit price), the Olloclip is a good buy, according to ePHOTOzine, who reckon the macro lens offers good quality and the fish-eye is enjoyable. The wide-angle lens showed

3 reviews


More information at: ePHOTOzine, 3/2012 Olloclip 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens Small enough to pop in your pocket, this iPhone three-in-one lens from Olloclip can take wide-angle, macro and fish-eye photographs. … to review

iPhone Telephoto Lens
Firebox Eye Scope for iPhone

Smartphone Daily determined that the Firebox Eye Scope is a fantastic device that helps bring the iPhone's default snapper a bit closer to compact camera standards. All-in-all, they felt that …

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Average)


Philips Fidelio AS851
Philips Fidelio AS851

Mobile phone docking station

Although the Fidelio AS851 is supposedly optimised for Android, Trusted Reviews pointed out that, apart from a streaming app, it does little that other docks don't do and in fact it's quite

6 reviews | 10 opinions (Excellent)


More information at: TrustedReviews, 2/2012 Philips Fidelio AS851 While iPhone docks are a dime a dozen, there are hardly any options on the market for owners of Android handsets, but Philips is set out to change that with the AS851. … to review

Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock

Mobile phone docking station

It's definitely an expensive accessory, but in Register Hardware's opinion, the Atrix Laptop Dock is worth every penny of its asking price given that it's a very convenient way of

3 reviews | 24 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Register Hardware, 8/2011 Motorola Atrix Lapdock If you thought that Motorola was going to be just another manufacturer churning out generic Android handsets, accessories like the Atrix Lapdock intend to prove you very, very wrong. … to review

ZOMM Wireless Leash
ZOMM Wireless Leash

The Zomm Wireless Leash sounds an alarm if you leave your phone behind, as well as doubling up as a speakerphone and panic alarm. You connect it to your phone and it remains quiet until it can't …

5 reviews | 3 opinions (Excellent)


Super-Hero Backup and Charger for iPhone
Iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone

Mobile phone docking station

The Iomega SuperHero Backup & Charger may be a good idea for a product and look good on your table as a charger, however unless you're the sort of person who forgets to regularly back up the …

3 reviews | 6 opinions (Above average)


Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 3G/3GS
Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 3G/3GS

Car / bicycle holder

The Gorillamobile kit for iPhone is a great accessory, in MacWorld's opinion: it's lightweight and easy to carry, feels solid and well built, doesn't add any noticeable bulk to the …

5 reviews | 1 opinion (Poor)


Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor may be a little too pricey for someone who's young and in good health, but anyone suffering from blood pressure related health problems should seriously …

1 review | 63 opinions (Above average)


Griffin Technology RoadTrip with SmartSCAN
Griffin Technology RoadTrip with SmartSCAN

Their testing revealed the audio quality of the Griffin Technology RoadTrip to be very good, says Smartphone Daily. While its signal strength can be affected by location, reviewers say that when …

1 review | 16 opinions (Above average)


Car Kit pour iPhone
TomTom Car Kit for iPhone

Car / bicycle holder

"... The iPhone slots into the Car Kit dock. You’ll then need to pair the iPhone with the dock via Bluetooth. Once paired, to the Car Kit the app works flawlessly. Hooking up to the Car Kit has …

4 reviews | 86 opinions (Above average)


Boom Bass
HTC BoomBass

Mobile Phone Speakers

The folks at TechRadar were very fond of the BoomBass, saying that it's a fantastic idea and that it works great to boot, besides looking nice and feeling solid despite being a simple plastic

2 reviews



More information at: TrustedReviews, 9/2013 HTC BoomBass The stereo speakers of the HTC One make it one of the best-sounding smartphones on the market, but things can always be improved. How? By adding a subwoofer, of course! … to review

Proporta iPhone Headphone Jack Adaptor
Proporta iPhone Headphone Jack Adaptor


PC Advisor reports a cheap, flexible adaptor to circumvent the iPhone's third-party headphone prevention measure.

1 review


Belkin TuneCast Auto Universal
Belkin TuneCast Auto Universal

FM Transmitter

The Belkin TuneCast Auto Universal isn't the cheapest around, but according to Expert Reviews, its price is justified by the great quality of sound on offer.

1 review | 402 opinions (Above average)


P-Flip Power Play Dock
Dexim P-Flip Power Dock

Mobile phone docking station

Reviewers at Computer Act!ve found this to be a well-performing phone charger that took about as long to charge their iPhone as the main power supply. They point out that the recommended price seems …

1 review | 5 opinions (Above average)


Sony Ericsson MBS-400
Sony Ericsson MBS-400

Mobile Phone Speakers

"Using Bluetooth, the MBS-400 speaker system dispenses with unsightly cables between source and speaker ... Users of Sony Ericsson phones get the added benefit of song titles and incoming caller

1 review | 2 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Register Hardware, 6/2010 Ten Essential Travel Speakers An outlandish range of audio products for outdoor listening. In test: Ten travel speakers were reviewed and rated. … to review


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Product information and further reviews for Mobile phone accessories

Ollo Clip 3-in-1 lens for iPhone 4/4s: Hands-on impressions Digital Trends 1/2012 - Olloclip is being touted as one of the top for iPhone 4/4S available. Can the Olloclip, which offers you different lens options, match up to the hype surrounding it?

Philips Fidelio AS851 Docking Speaker for Android Expert Reviews 1/2012 - With hundreds of iPod docks for sale, Philips's Fidelio AS851 is the first dedicated dock for Android devices. With many issues subject to designing an Android dock, will the Fidelio win over the market place.

Philips Fidelio AS851 11/2011 - iPhone and iPod users have thousands of docks to choose from, but your options are much narrower if you own an Android device, which is why Philips is stepping in to fill this void in the market.

BTKeyMini MacWorld 11/2011 - If you have purchased a tablet but miss using a physical keyboard, the BTKeyMini could be a consideration. Is it good quality?

iMusic Station MacWorld 10/2011 - A portable karaoke machine that is sure to spark some singing fans interest but will it prove to be a good buy?

Olloclip three-in-one camera lens for iPhone 4 MacWorld 8/2011 - The Olloclip allows you to turn your iPhone's camera into a wide-angle, macro or fisheye snapper.

Freedom Pro Keyboard Know Your Mobile 5/2010 - A Bluetooth keyboard for your mobile, the Freedom Pro Keyboard could come in handy.

Hands on: HTC BoomBass TechRadar UK 9/2013 - HTC's One might be the best-sounding smartphone on the market right now, but that doesn't mean its sound is 'good' by normal standards. The BoomBass seeks to improve that.

Joby GorillaMobile Holder MacFormat 2/2010 - The GorillaMobile for iPhone is a mini-tripod with a difference. Each of its legs has ten flexible joints, enabling you to twist and bend them to sit in awkward spaces or uneven floors. The head section twists and bends too, so you can use your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode, and angle it to suit. ...

ZOMM Micro Mart 1144 (10-16 February 2011) - A friend I've known since before mobile phones were commonplace is the most paranoid person I've ever known when it comes to losing his. And with good reason, I suppose: in the time I've known him - some 15 years - he's lost several of the things ... Obviously the ZOMM cofounder and 'mompreneur' (really), Laurie Penix, has known a few people like that as well, and saw it as an opportunity. ...

Freedom Pro Keyboard What Mobile Online 1/2010 - At one time, portable keyboards seemed like a good solution for typing on small devices, but then smartphones started to grow in size as well as popularity. So is there a place in the market, and in your pocket, for a gadget such as the Freedom Pro Keyboard?

Iomega SuperHero Backup & Charger Expert Reviews 4/2011 - iPhone docking stations are a dime a dozen, but Iomega’s SuperHero can back up your phone’s contents as well as charge it. The compact mains-powered unit looks great thanks to its brushed metal finish that would easily blend in next to an iMac.

Quick review: BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway Smartphone Daily 9/2009 - There's a stack of iPod speakers and accessories to choose from, but not many will let you listen to music stored on your smartphone via a respectable set of speakers.

Quick review: Seskimo Crabble Smartphone Daily 9/2009 - Thanks to the arrival of large-screen smartphones, such as the Samsung i8910HD or the iPhone, enjoying full-length films on these devices has, at long last, become a practical idea.

Belkin TuneCast Auto Universal Expert Reviews 6/2010 - Belkin's TuneCast Auto Universal plugs into your cigarette lighter socket, and a USB port on the adaptor will let you charge your MP3 player or other device.

Xtand for iPhone MacWorld 7/2009 - Something you'd almost certainly have if thinking about the cost wasn't part of the equation, Just Mobile's aluminium Xtand for iPhone mounts your iPhone like a tiny iMac. As pristinely made as any Mac also, it comes with replaceable rubber tips for different iPhones and iPods.

BlackBerry Presenter Digital Trends 2/2010 - We review RIM's BlackBerry Presenter, a device aimed at turning your BlackBerry into a ... presentation tool.

Logitech PureFi Mobile portable Bluetooth speaker set Register Hardware 12/2008 - Doubling up as a portable Bluetooth speaker system and handsfree kit, the PureFi Mobile is a stylish, minimalist and robust looking device that, at only 250g, shouldn't pose too much of a problem to find a place for in your entourage.

Sony Ericsson MS410 Know Your Mobile 11/2009 - Reviewers take a closer look at the MS410, which is a phone-powered speaker that can be hooked up via Sony Ericsson's proprietary connector.

iPhone Headphone Jack Adaptor PC Advisor 5/2008 - Proporta presents the latest headphone jack adaptor for Apple's iPhone.

TomTom for iPhone Sat-Nav TrustedReviews 10/2009 - Since the release of the third iPhone OS generation, a slew of full-bodied sat-nav apps have been announced for Apple's all-conquering smartphone. The first to hit the TrustedReviews testbed was Navigon's MobileNavigator, and there's an iPhone version of ALK CoPilot 8. But the biggest headlines have naturally been garnered by the biggest name in personal navigation devices. TomTom announced its own iPhone offering months ago and now we finally have our hands on the complete package. Review details: Single Test. One Sat-Nav kit was reviewed and rated on design, features, performance and value.

Holux GPSlim 236 Smartphone & PDA Essentials 59/2007 - The GPSlim 236 is a compact SiRFIII-based GPS receiver which delivers outstanding battery life that runs well into double figures.

Sony Ericsson MPS-60 portable speakers 11/2006 - The designer of the Sony Ericsson MPS-60 was probably thinking something along the lines of - there are speakers available as an add on for MP3 players, so why shouldn't there be for our Walkman phones?

iPhone Deluxe Xtand Smartphone & PDA Essentials 80 - Taking its design cues from the iMac, Mobis Technology's Deluxe Xtand fits in with the iPhone almost perfectly.

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Docking stations allow for the simultaneous charging and use of a mobile phone - as a video player, for example. Bicycle holders make it safe to use a cellphone while riding, with a hard case providing necessary protection. Speakers, external FM transmitters, Bluetooth keyboards and accessory lenses are also popular and practical multimedia accessories.