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LG BP620
LG BP620

Controlled by smartphone, BD-Live, Internet TV, Picture in Picture (PiP), 3D-ready, DLNA; …

Reviewers at S21 were very fond of the BP620, praising its fantastic user interface, ease of use and comprehensive support for almost any kind of disc known to man except for SACD. Connectivity is

3 reviews | 182 opinions (Above average)


More information at: TrustedReviews, 5/2012 LG BP620 The Blu-ray market is highly competitive, so can the LG BP620 offer a strong enough performance to make it stand out? … to review

BP 520
LG BP520

3D-ready; Multimedia formats: AAC; Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD, DTS, Dolby TrueHD

If you really want Wi-Fi, S21 recommend going for the BP620, since you won't have to buy a separate dongle, but otherwise, the BP520 is an excellent value Blu-ray player which supports Smart TV …

1 review | 3 opinions (Excellent)


LG BP420

24p, PVR ready, Picture in Picture (PiP), Controlled by smartphone, Internet TV, 3D-ready, …

The cheapish build quality and lack of built-in wi-fi of the BP420 didn't please reviewers at T3, but it makes up for it with a fantastic Internet TV offering, superb video performance and great

4 reviews | 17 opinions (Excellent)


More information at: TrustedReviews, 6/2012 LG BP420 If you are looking for an affordably priced Blu-ray player, the LG BP420 has a selection of useful feature but does it perform well? … to review

BP 730
LG BP730

BD-Live, Controlled by smartphone, 24p, Internet TV, Picture in Picture (PiP), 3D conversion, …

Connectivity is not the BP730's strongest suit, but its built-in Wi-Fi, support for media streaming and excellent picture quality make it a good buy in Home Cinema Choice's opinion, who …

3 reviews | 23 opinions (Average)


HR 939 M (1 TB)
LG HR939M (1TB)

Twin tuner, PVR ready, Internet TV, Integrated hard drive, 3D-ready, DLNA; Multimedia formats: …

If you're looking for an eye-catching design, you won't find it in the HR939M, but Home Cinema Choice said that at least it's well stocked when it comes to features thanks to its …

2 reviews | 20 opinions (Below average)


LG BD-370
LG BD-370

BD-Live, Upscaling, BD Java, USB / Card Slot; DTS, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, …

"... annoying quirks aside, a great picture and a truckload of multimedia goodies make the LG Electronics BD370 one of the best Blu-ray players available at its price."

8 reviews | 2 opinions (Above average)


LG BD670
LG BD670

BD-Live, 24p, WLAN, Upscaling, 3D-ready, Picture in Picture (PiP), DLNA; Multimedia formats: …

LG's BD670 might be underwhelming on the looks front and the build is a bit plasticky on the surface, but underneath, it's one feature-packed Blu-ray player, according to T3. As well as

4 reviews | 32 opinions (Above average)


More information at: PC Advisor, 11/2011 LG BD670 The LG BD670 offers a large choice of streaming internet services, 3D capabilities, bookmarking features and great picture quality to make itself stand out from the crowd. So with a decent price tag as well, are there some hidden flaws? … to review

BD 550
LG BD550

BD-Live, 24p; Multimedia formats: MKV, XviD, AAC, AVCHD; DTS-HD MA, Dolby Digital Plus, …

“LG demonstrates just how you should build an affordable Blu-ray player: make cuts when it comes to features, not image quality.”

3 reviews | 155 opinions (Above average)


More information at: CHIP HD-WELT, issue Nr. 3 (December 2010/ January 2011) Blu-ray players to meet every need From affordable entry-level models for less than 100 euros to high-quality 3D multimedia centres: you’ll find a device to meet every need amongst the latest players. In test: Seven Blu-ray players were reviewed. Test criteria were features, image quality, ergonomics, energy efficiency and documentation/ service.

LG BD390
LG BD390

24p, Upscaling, DLNA; DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD

"Plus points: 7.1 analogue audio, Wi-Fi, YouTube, 1GB internal memory, good-looking, low price. Minus points: Audio quality not the best."

6 reviews


HR 570 S

BD-Live, 24p, Integrated hard drive, Upscaling, WLAN, 3D-ready, DLNA; Dolby Digital Plus, …

“With the HR570S, LG has delivered an overall well-conceived package which effectively combines a 3D player and a hard drive recorder; this more than justifies its price, which is considerably more

3 reviews


More information at: Heimkino, issue 12/2010 -1/2011 Multitalents Everyone’s talking about 3D - and manufacturers are doing something about it by bringing out an enormous range of 3D ready players. Three dimensional playback is just one of the most recent and most popular of a whole new set of features being employed by the latest Blu-ray player generation. But does this have an adverse effect on quality? ‘HEIMKINO’ took a closer look. In test: Five Blu-ray players were reviewed. Test criteria were quality (picture, sound, processing), features (hardware, software) and operation (set-up, remote control, daily use).

BD 570
LG BD570

BD-Live, 24p, Upscaling, WLAN, DLNA; Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA

“The new BD 570 from LG is cheaper, but not better than its predecessor model: It plays less file formats over the network and shows blurry photos. Overall, it scores points as a first-class Blu-ray

5 reviews | 22 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Video-HomeVision, issue 5/2010 Gladiator Games In the past, Roman emperors handled their people with action spectaculars. The new Blu-ray players of 2010 make everything more socially acceptable - without bloodshed and state intervention. Three Blu-ray players were reviewed. Test criteria were picture and sound quality, features, operation and processing.

LG BD560
LG BD560


“The BD560 is an entry-level player which delivers a good picture (but few features) and at a very affordable price.”

5 reviews | 32 opinions (Above average)


BD 350
LG BD350

24p, Upscaling; Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD, DTS, Dolby TrueHD

“Likes: good image quality, fast, economical and favourably priced. Dislikes: no network connection, few interfaces.”

5 reviews | 14 opinions (Above average)


BX 580
LG BX580

BD-Live, Upscaling, Picture in Picture (PiP), WLAN, 3D-ready, BD Java; DTS-HD MA, DTS-HD, …

The multimedia capabilities of the LG BX580 are fairly comprehensive and it has excellent internet content. The image quality produced was also outstanding and PC Advisor liked this 3D Blu-ray player

9 reviews | 20 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Audio Video Foto Bild, issue 10/2010 Interior Designer Insert the disc, put on the glasses, and off you go: the new 3D Blu-ray players are bringing the third dimension to your living room. In test: Seven Blu-ray players were reviewed. Test criteria were image quality (Blu-ray playback through various outputs in a visual and laboratory test ...), sound quality (playback through digital sound output or analogue stereo output ...), photo playback (image error, playable formats ...), connections, features and functions (playable video and audio formats, error correction ...), operation (remote control, on-screen menu, user manual ...), environment and health (electricity costs/energy saving, operating noise) as well as service (length and type of warranty ...).

HR 400
LG HR400

BD Java, DLNA, BD-Live, 24p, Upscaling; Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD

“Astonishingly easy-to-use analogue TV and DVB-T receiver with a hard drive recorder and a Blu-ray player. Super fast Java. Very good picture and sound quality via HDMI.”

5 reviews | 12 opinions (Average)


More information at: SFT-Magazin, issue 11/2009 “Curtains up for Home Cinema” - Blu-ray Players Blu-ray Players: the perfect partner for an HD beamer is a modern Blu-ray player. Current models are not only better, they are also cheaper than ever before. In test: Four Blu-ray players were tested and rated 2 x “very good” and 2 x “good”.

BH 100 Super Multi Blue
LG BH100 Super Multi Blue

BD Java, 24p, Upscaling; Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD, DTS, Dolby TrueHD

"... the BH100 does offer some extremely neat touches (including a minimalist front panel with touch-sensitive buttons) and broadcasts a clear message of neutrality in the standards war."

8 reviews | 2 opinions (Average)


LG BP650


Pocket-Lint states that this will be one of the few devices to offer portable Blu-ray support for a sensible price. It includes a range of features and connectivity options including, ethernet port …

1 review



Product information and further reviews

The all(most)-rounder SATVISION 12/2010 - With its integrated DVB-S2 and DVB-T tuner, the new HR570S 3D Blu-ray player from LG promises straight-forward reception of free-to-air HD channels, and thanks to its CI +- interface it also offers encrypted satellite channels such as RTL HD. Its integrated 500 GB hard drive, and its online portal ‘NetCast’, mean that fans of recording and home-made film will be captivated by the magic of this multimedia bolide with integrated internet access.

On the Pulse Heimkino 9-10/2010 - One might think that a Blu-ray player is only able to play Blu-ray discs. But in order to keep up with competing products, more multimedia features are necessary nowadays; recently, the trend topic 3D was also added to the list of specifications. LG’s latest model shows, how to sensibly pack a modern and extensive package of features.

LG BD670 TechRadar UK 8/2011 - LG and Samsung seem to be going head-on in a bid to dominate the living space with internet capable devices such as TVs and Blu-ray players, and both have used the 'Smart' labeling for these vessels. This review takes a look at the LG BD670 offering.

Fast Pleasure Heimkino 5-6/2010 - With the new BD560, LG wants to offer no more than a perfect entry in the world of Blu-ray. But because this requires more than quick load times and simple operation, we have taken a closer look at the new device. Review details: Single Test. Test criteria were image quality, features and operation.

Diverse Pleasure CHIP Test & Kauf 4/2010 - There is something for every taste: The range of new Blu-ray players reaches from favourably priced entry-level models to noble home cinema specialists. We selected the best ones for you. Review details: Nine Blu-ray players were reviewed. They were rated on features, image quality, ergonomy, energy efficiency and documentation/service.

LG BP420 S21 1/2013 - If you want a sleek and discreet Blu-ray player that won't draw atention to itself and won't break the bank but still offers decent features, the BP420 might be a good candidate for your cash.

LG BP520 S21 1/2013 - The nice looks of the BP520 make it a good choice if you want something discreet to sneak under your TV, but what about its performance?

LG BP420 T3 4/2013 - Looks-wise, the BP420 is not exactly an impressive proposition. Its spec sheet, however, is promising.

Double pack Audio Video Foto Bild 12/2009 - People’s living rooms are becoming cluttered with an ever increasing number of devices. It’s equally impossible to get to grips with the disarray of remote controls. And now you want to add a recorder and a Blu-ray player to the equation as well? It would be practical to purchase one device that can do both, i.e. records TV and can also play those new, extra sharp Blu-ray films, as well as DVDs. Review details: Single test. Among the test criteria were operation (copying from hard drive onto DVD, electronic program guide, remote control ...), image quality (DVD playback via HDMI and Scart output, loss of quality when rerecording onto DVD ...) and features and functions (length of time you can record onto a hard drive with the highest level of quality, maximum length of correctable scratches, playable audio and video formats ...). One upgrade was also carried out.

Mixed Doubles Video-HomeVision 10/2009 - Any device can record. Hard disk recorders, however, are true multi talents, with a DVD burner, Blu-ray player and digital TV reception. ‘Video-HomeVision’ reviewed the various strengths of Panasonic and LG’s brand new models. Review details: Two hard drive recorders were reviewed; each was awarded the final verdict of “very good”. They were rated on image quality (brightness, colours and sharpness of recordings ...), sound quality (digital, analogue) and processing (impression, material).

Next-gen face-off between Blu-ray and HD DVD What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 10/2007 - Drum roll, please! This is our first ever HD DVD versus Blu-ray Group Test, pitting six of the best of the competing HD disc players against each other. Our test includes four Blu-ray players, including the Sony PlayStation3, taking on a single HD DVD player from Toshiba and a dual-format model from LG. Review details: Six high definition players for Blu-ray discs and HD DVDs were reviewed and rated based on features, build and performance. Scores ranged from 3 to 5 stars out of 5.

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