Panasonic Home Theatre Systems

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Panasonic SC-BTT590
Panasonic SC-BTT590

5.1 Home cinema system, Blu-ray System; Components: Blu-ray Receiver, iPod Dock, …

"A fine all-rounder, this Panasonic has excellent picture quality and immersive surround sound. ... while it may not have the showy style of some, when it comes to producing the goods, the Pana …


5 reviews


Panasonic SC-BTT290

Blu-ray System, 5.1 Home cinema system, Home Cinema in a Box; Components: Blu-ray Receiver, …

For less than £300 it's hard to find any fault with Panasonic's SC-BTT290. The subwoofer is powerful for a passive model, overall audio is loud and clear, and picture quality from the …


2 reviews | 39 opinions


Panasonic SC-BTT500

Blu-ray System, 5.1 Home cinema system, Home Cinema in a Box; Components: Blu-ray Receiver, …

Those who don't own an iOS device won't find the SC-BTT500's Lightning dock to be of much use, but it's a nice feature to have and it doesn't ruin the appeal of the rest of …


2 reviews | 28 opinions


SC-BTT 880
Panasonic SC-BTT880

Blu-ray System, Home Cinema in a Box, 5.1 Home cinema system; Components: Control Unit, …

The sound quality of the SC-BTT880 is pretty impressive, and it boasts a huge amount of features, but Trusted Reviews think you can get even more bang for your buck from systems such as LG's …


1 review


Panasonic SC-BTT282

Blu-ray System, 2.1 System; Components: Blu-ray Receiver, Compact Loud Speaker, Subwoofer; …

Panasonic have released the SC-BTT282 home cinema 2.1 system, which is a step up from the previous model. It comes with a higher price tag, but the range of features have been extended and the


1 review | 9 opinions


More information at: TrustedReviews, 6/2012 Panasonic SC-BTT282 Panasonic's SC-BTT282 2.1 channel system has been designed to create more atmosphere when you are watching films. How successfully does it function? … to review

Panasonic SC-BTT460

Blu-ray System, 5.1 Home cinema system, Home Cinema in a Box; Components: Blu-ray Player, …

While Panasonic's SC-BTT460 will hardly blow any minds, it's a very decent system that produces solid performance both with video and audio, and boasts an appealing design that will sit …


2 reviews


Panasonic SC-BTT182

Blu-ray System, 2.1 System; Components: Compact Loud Speaker, Subwoofer, Blu-ray Receiver; …

While it certainly can't compare to a high-end surround setup, the SC-BTT182 is an excellent choice if you're looking to improve the sound of your TV. The Blu-ray player produces sharp and


2 reviews


More information at: TrustedReviews, 4/2012 Panasonic SC-BTT182 Panasonic's Blu-ray players usually offer fantastic image quality and features galore, but if you want to go all the way, you need to get yourself the whole shebang, speakers and all. The SC-BTT182 is one of your options. … to review

Panasonic SC-BTT560

5.1 Home cinema system, Home Cinema in a Box, Blu-ray System; Components: Floorstanding …

Like so many all-in-one systems, the SC-BTT560 has its share of strong and weak points. Its feature list covers almost everything you might need, from DLNA to an iPod dock, it's easy to use, and …


1 review | 3 opinions


Panasonic SC-BTT400

Blu-ray System, Home Cinema in a Box; Components: Centre Speaker, Blu-ray Player, …

You don't get Wi-Fi connectivity or an iPod dock, but for £200, the SC-BTT400 is actually great value for money thanks to its stylish and compact design, superbly-specced Blu-ray player and …


1 review | 12 opinions


Panasonic SC-BFT800

Blu-ray System, 2.1 System; Components: iPod Dock, Blu-ray Player, Soundbar, Subwoofer; LAN, …

"FOR: Slim; neat dock and disc-drive; tonally balanced; excellent 2D and 3D image. AGAINST: No HDMI inputs, wi-fi or iPlayer; doesn't sound as crisp as the LG."


7 reviews | 5 opinions


More information at: SATVISION, issue 12/2010 Rich sound for your flatscreen Smaller, nicer, lighter. This is the ideal design of a modern flatscreen. The result: a perfect image - even in 3D. But the sound increasingly falls by the wayside and mostly only comes across as flat, just like the screen itself. Home theatre systems offer the perfect sound to go with a flat screen’s optimal picture and so add to your domestic film viewing pleasure. We tested four 2.1 home theatre systems (systems with only two visible loudspeakers). In test: Four multimedia centres were reviewed. Test criteria were image and sound quality, design, operation as well as scope of delivery and miscellaneous.

Panasonic SC-BTT755

Blu-ray System, Home Cinema in a Box; Components: Blu-ray Receiver, iPod Dock, Loudspeaker, …

Thanks to its excellent Blu-ray player, impressive feature set and good connectivity, Expert Reviews think Panasonic's SC-BTT775 is a brilliant all-in-one home cinema system. Sound quality is


8 reviews | 11 opinions


More information at: Video-HomeVision, issue 11/2010 Steep slopes and high slides With a spacious sound should also come a vivid image. With their new 3D all-in-one Blu-ray systems, Panasonic and Samsung make it possible. What should you expect from the first generation of these devices? In test: Two all-in-one Blu-ray 3D systems were tested. They were rated on image and sound quality, features, operation and processing.

Panasonic SC-BTT775

Blu-ray System; Components: Centre Speaker, Blu-ray Player, Floorstanding speakers, Subwoofer; …

"FOR: Outstanding picture quality; full sound; improved online functionality. AGAINST: Looks a little dowdy in this company; speakers are floorstand-only; Viera Cast (not Viera Connect) at the


4 reviews


More information at: TechRadar UK, 7/2011 Panasonic SC-BTT775 Panasonic's SC-BTTT775 is a home cinema system of many talents, not least is the 3D Blu-ray ability. It struts its stuff in this review to show just how good its audio and visual qualities really are. … to review

Panasonic SC-BTT370

5.1 Home cinema system, Blu-ray System, Home Cinema in a Box; Components: Loudspeaker, …

The BTT370 does a lot of things right with no shortcomings of note according to Expert Reviews. Sound quality from the tiny speakers is amazingly detailed, with good bass weight, while the Blu-ray


3 reviews | 17 opinions


More information at: Expert Reviews, 7/2011 Panasonic SC-BTT370 As far as surround home cinema solutions go, there are few as hassle-free as Panasonic's BTT370 Blu-ray 5.1 package. … to review

Panasonic SC-BTT262

Blu-ray System, 2.1 System, Compact Home Cinema System; Components: Blu-ray Player, Soundbar, …

CNet really liked the Panasonic SC-BTT262 and were surprised by the strong sound it produced considering its nicely compact size. Its small size doesn't mean there's a lack of features …


2 reviews | 18 opinions


Panasonic SC-BT330

Blu-ray System, Home Cinema in a Box, 5.1 Home cinema system; Components: Subwoofer, …

AVReview weren't too impressed with Panasonic's SC-BT330 in spite of its decent features, connectivity and picture quality, its main flaws being the flimsy build quality of the front


5 reviews


More information at: TechRadar UK, 5/2010 Panasonic SC-BT330 This 5.1 BD system is good-looking, but lacks grunt. … to review

Panasonic SC-BT230
Panasonic SC-BT230

Blu-ray System; Components: Blu-ray Receiver, Centre Speaker, Satellite Speakers, Subwoofer

Anyone looking for a Blu-ray system with bags of features and a superb picture will find the SC-BT230 worth looking at, that is if getting the best sound quality isn't particularly important. …


3 reviews | 57 opinions


SC-BTT 270
Panasonic SC-BTT270

Blu-ray System, Home Cinema in a Box; Components: Blu-ray Receiver, Loudspeaker, …

The main problem with the SC-BTT270 is that it's a closed system that can't be expanded because of its lack of HDMI connectors. Barring this, however, it's a very good performer,


3 reviews | 1 opinion


More information at: T3, 11/2011 Panasonic SC-BTT270 The SC-BTT270 is dinky but boasts an impressive spec. It remains to see whether its sound quality is up to scratch, though. … to review

SC-HTB 500
Panasonic SC-HTB500

2.1 System; Components: Subwoofer, Soundbar

For people with a 42in or bigger flat screen TV, Panasonic has produced the SC-HTB500 which, thanks to its need for a single HDMI cable, can be installed and connected with ease, and is 3D …


2 reviews


Panasonic SC-BT735

Blu-ray System; Components: Loudspeaker, Centre Speaker, Blu-ray Player, Satellite Speakers, …

The SC-BT735 is a very capable system that sports a good list of features, excellent pictures and is easy to use, but that disappoints slightly when it comes to sound quality. Trusted Reviews thought …


3 reviews | 16 opinions


Panasonic SC-BTT350

Compact Home Cinema System, Blu-ray System; Components: Satellite Speakers, Subwoofer, …

“LIKES: 3D ready.” DISLIKES: long pause before inserted CDs, DVDs or BDs start playing; no automatic speaker calibration; loud ventilation fan.”


5 reviews | 16 opinions



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Product information and further reviews

Panasonic DMC SC-ZT2: Home Cinema System with Virtual Surround Sound 10/2010 - Surround sound doesn’t exactly help to keep family peace, since a 5.1 speaker system demands massive cabling in the living room. Anyone who wants to avoid this can at least partially reproduce the effect with virtual surround sound. Panasonic’s home cinema system SC-ZT2 for instance, is relatively good at that. We have thoroughly examined it.

Complete Blu-ray systems to bring all discs to life What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 8/2009 - Providing alternative options of 2 speaker and 5 speaker systems to cater for those with limited space and those who want the complete experience, this group test pits rival offerings against each other. All units are capable of decoding all HD audio formats and all come with an iPod dock. Review details: Three Blu-ray systems were reviewed and rated on picture, sound and features. Final verdicts of 1 x "excellent" and 2 x "very good".

Panasonic SC-BTT182 Expert Reviews 5/2012 - A Blu-ray player and a decent speaker system are musts for any movie buff, making all-in-one packages such as Panasonic's SC-BTT182 very convenient solutions.

Panasonic Blu-ray 2.1 Complete System SC-BTX70 Area DVD 7/2009 - Next to standalone Blu-ray players, Blu-ray complete systems are currently become increasingly popular. They are especially geared at users with limited space or at customers who want to see as little as possible of their home theatre system. The Blu-ray-all-in-a-box solution is particularly interesting when it comes to 2.1 systems with a virtual surround sound function, as it is no longer necessary to install a complete multi-channel set up. Panasonic has recently been offering a generously equipped complete system: The SC-BTX70 for 799 Euro (RRP) offers a 375 watt total amplifier performance, 24p direct output, an integrated iPod-Dock as well as USB and network connections. Additional characteristics are an SD memory card slot as well as two virtual surround generating systems: the 7.1 Virtual Surround and the Dolby Virtual Surround. The network connection not only provides access to additional features of BD Live, but also to networked clients for Picasa and YouTube. In our test you can read what this modern system can do in practice.

Panasonic's all-in-one falls short What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 9/2009 - With Blu-ray growing ever more popular, an ever increasing range of systems are on offer. Panasonic's latest mid-range offering includes a built-in iPod dock, adjacent to the horizontally loaded disc player. A 2.1 set up, the SC-BTX70 offers virtual 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound effects.

Cool kit doesn't sound so hot What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 1/2007 - These budget home cinema-in-a-box style systems are curious breeds. On the one hand you get plenty of machine for your money, but if it looks and sounds cheap-as-chips, well, what's the point?

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