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Intel DZ68DB

LGA1155; ATX; Features: Overclocking- / Turbo Function

Despite all its good points, such as Firewire support, a large amount of audio ports and good graphics connectivity, the DZ68DB came across as quite a disappointment for Micro Mart because of the …

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Asus P8Z68-V
Asus P8Z68-V

Socket H2(1155), LGA1155; ATX; Features: Start-Reset Button

Those who already have a Sandy Bridge motherboard will find little reason to change it for the Asus P8Z68-V, but Computer Act!ve deem it a solid choice for those starting from square one. It only has …

1 review | 2 opinions (Excellent)


GigaByte Z87X-OC

Socket 1150; ATX; Features: Dual BIOS, Start-Reset Button, Diagnostic Display, Overclocking- …

You'll need a powerful system to make the most of the Z87X-OC, since its overclocking capabilities will be wasted on anything but the range-topping CPUs in Intel's new Haswell line, making …

1 review | 4 opinions (Average)


Zotac H67-ITX WiFi

LGA1155; Mini-ITX; Features: Integrated graphics chip

TechRadar really loved the Zotac H67-ITX WiFi and were amazed at just how many ports had been squeezed onto such a tiny board. They say that thanks to its outstanding capacity, along with its Sandy …

3 reviews | 4 opinions (Above average)


Z-68 Extreme 4
Asrock Z68 Extreme4

LGA1155; ATX; Features: Start-Reset Button, Quad-SLI Support, Overclocking- / Turbo Function

Great build quality, an excellent component selection and rock-solid performance are compelling reasons to consider the Z68 Extreme 4, but it's its price which makes it a no-brainer buy in …

2 reviews


Zotac Fusion-ITX WiFi

Mini-ITX; Features: Heatpipes, Integrated processor, Integrated graphics chip

The Zotac FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series, also called the FUSION350-A-E, turned out to be the most efficient motherboard in Tom's Hardware's group test, though this meant that it also fell toward …

1 review | 1 opinion (Poor)


D-2700-ITX Wi-Fi Supreme [D2700ITXS-A-E]
Zotac D2700-ITX WiFi Supreme (D2700ITXS-A-E)

Mini-ITX; Features: Integrated processor, Integrated graphics chip

In Micro Mart's opinion, the inclusion of Nvidia's GeForce GT520 chip in Zotac's D2700-ITX Wifi Supreme is not the best choice, as it is a budget model which only has enough power to …

1 review


GigaByte Z68XP-UD3P

Socket H2(1155); ATX; Features: Dual BIOS

Gigabyte's Z68XP-UD3P motherboard has a good layout, as the chipset is decently sized and the MOSFET heat sinks don't get in the way. There's plenty of support for expansion - for …

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Sabertooth X-79
Asus Sabertooth X79

Socket LGA2011; ATX; Features: SLI-Crossfire Combination, Start-Reset Button, Diagnostic …

According to Bit Tech, the Asus Sabertooth X79's comparatively high price is certainly justified; in fact, they think the Thermal Radar software is so effective that it alone is worth the …

2 reviews | 5 opinions (Excellent)


A 75 M
Foxconn A75M

Socket FM1; Micro-ATX

The Foxconn A75M is certainly worth considering for a low cost Llano PC motherboard. It may be limited on features, but when paired with an AMD A8-3870K processor it managed a reasonable overall …

2 reviews


Intel DH67CF

LGA1155; Mini-ITX

The Intel DH67CF's I/O panel provides full surround audio, and has HDMI, DVI-I and DisplayPort connections. The motherboard is quite small, so hardware is cramped and there's no room to …

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


Asus Republic of Gamers Maximus IV Gene-Z
Asus Republic of Gamers Maximus IV Gene-Z

LGA1155; Micro-ATX; Features: SLI-Crossfire Combination, Start-Reset Button, Diagnostic …

Reviewers at Bit-tech were amazed at the amount of features that Asus has managed to fit in the tiny ROG Maximus IV Gene-Z. Combine this with an exemplary layout and fantastic stock performance and …

1 review



LGA1155; Micro-ATX

The H67MA-E35 from MSI has a more premium look than other micro-ATX motherboards, as it looks more like a smaller version of a regular ATX. Micro Mart found it easy to install into a PC, as …

1 review


Foxconn H61M-S

LGA1155; Micro-ATX

Foxconn have made a big effort with the H61M-S, as they've extended the usual range of features of the Intel H61 chipset. There's an Etron USB 3.0, ASMedia SATA 3.0 controller chips and …

1 review


Asrock Z68M-ITX/HT
Asrock Z68M-ITX/HT

LGA1155; Mini-ITX

Despite being able to host a full-sized graphics card, having only two memory banks and no room for extra cooling means that the Z68M-ITX/HT is not the best choice for a powerful gaming rig. However, …

1 review


GigaByte Z87-D3HP

Socket 1150; ATX; Features: SLI-Crossfire Combination, Integrated graphics chip

Considering the Z87-D3HP's price, reviewers at PC Format weren't surprised by its flimsy build quality or disappointing performance, but they said that usually the reason to go for a Z87 …

2 reviews | 6 opinions (Above average)


GigaByte GA-H67MA-UD2H

LGA1155; Micro-ATX

The H67MA-UD2H lacks any real overclocking capabilities, but if you don't need cutting edge performance or if you simply want to build a home theatre PC, TechRadar reckon that it's hard to …

1 review


Foxconn Quantumian 1
Foxconn Quantumian 1

Socket LGA2011; ATX; Features: Start-Reset Button, Quad-SLI Support

The high price tag of the Quantumian 1 means that it should deliver exceptional performance on all fronts to make it worth the outlay, but according to Micro Mart, it's simply not the case. The …

1 review


Asrock A75 Extreme6
Asrock A75 Extreme6

Socket FM1; ATX; Features: Start-Reset Button, Integrated graphics chip

Although the Llano chipset this board is designed for is an integrated graphics solution, ASRock have included three PCI Express graphics slots, making it a gaming powerhouse. It is so incredibly …

1 review


P 67 Extreme4
Asrock P67 Extreme4

LGA1155; ATX; Features: SLI-Crossfire Combination, Diagnostic Display, Heatpipes, …

While the ASRock P67 Extreme4 may not be the fastest P67 motherboard reviewers at Bit-Tech ever looked at, they point out that this only means that it's just a few percentage points behind the …

1 review



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