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Xpress M 2070 W
Samsung Xpress M2070W

B&W printer, Multifunction Device; Laser printer; Laser MFP; Internet access: WLAN; …

Reviewers at PC Advisor weren't too thrilled by the Xpress M2070W's lack of auto duplexing and said that its running costs were a bit too high, but if you can get over these shortcomings, …

3 reviews | 18 opinions (Above average)


Samsung Xpress M2875FW

B&W printer, Multifunction Device; Laser printer; Internet access: WLAN, LAN

It's hard for a mono MFP to stand out in a market as saturated as this, but the Xpress M2875FW manages to stand above the crowd thanks to its comprehensive feature set, good print quality, …

3 reviews | 7 opinions (Excellent)


Xpress M 2875 FD
Samsung Xpress M2875FD

B&W printer, Multifunction Device; Laser printer; Laser MFP; Internet access: LAN

The very reasonable footprint of the Xpress M2875FD, together with its good feature set, print quality and decent speeds, make it a very good choice for a SOHO environment. Trusted Reviews pointed …

1 review | 3 opinions (Above average)


Xpress M 2625D
Samsung Xpress M2625D

B&W printer; Laser printer; Internet access: LAN; Multi-cartridge system

The folks at IT Reviews said that the Xpress M2625D offers everything most people might need from a monochrome printer thanks to its small footprint, excellent paper handling, high capacity, nippy …

1 review


Xpress M2825 DW
Samsung Xpress M2825DW

B&W printer; Laser printer; Internet access: WLAN, LAN

The strength of Samsung's Xpress M2825DW doesn't lie in any specific feature, but rather in the package as a whole. Its excellent balance between paper handling, output quality and speeds …

1 review | 23 opinions (Above average)


Samsung CLP-680ND

Colour printer; Laser printer; Internet access: LAN; Multi-cartridge system

The excellent print quality, decent speeds and satisfactory paper capacity of the CLP-680ND make it a good choice for any small office, as long as photo prints are not important. For IT Reviews, it …

1 review | 5 opinions (Above average)


Samsung ML-2165W
Samsung ML-2165W

B&W printer; Laser printer; Internet access: WLAN; Multi-cartridge system

If space is limited in your small or home office, the compact sized Samsung ML-2165W mono printer could be a consideration. It has a small footprint and the paper input tray has a 150 sheet capacity.

4 reviews | 64 opinions (Above average)


More information at: PC Advisor, 5/2012 Samsung ML-2165W If you need a mono laser printer for low-volume printing, could the basic Samsung ML-2165W be a worthy choice? … to review

Samsung ML-2955DW
Samsung ML-2955DW

B&W printer; Laser printer; Internet access: LAN; Single cartridge sytem

Computer act!ve think the Samsung ML-2955DW is one of the best small and home office mono laser printers that is currently available. It holds up to 250 sheets but there's no room for expansion,

7 reviews | 46 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Computer act!ve, 5/2012 Samsung ML-2955DW The easy to set up Samsung ML-2955DW mono laser printer is economical to run. Could this be the ideal choice for your home or small office? … to review

Samsung SCX-3405FW

Multifunction Device, B&W printer; Laser printer; Internet access: WLAN, LAN; Single cartridge …

Thanks to its built-in wi-fi, excellent drivers from Samsung and good printing speeds, the SCX-3405FW is worth considering if you need a b&w-only all-in-one for a small office. Print quality is good,

2 reviews


More information at: Computer act!ve, 11/2012 Samsung SCX-3405FW With its compact footprint and scan, copy and fax functions, the SCX-3405FW could be a good option for home offices and small workplaces. … to review

Samsung CLX-3185FW
Samsung CLX-3185FW

Colour printer, Multifunction Device; Laser printer; Multi-cartridge system

“With the CLX-3185FW, Samsung have managed to create a colour laser multifunctional device that doesn’t take up too much space on a writing table. It is not however particularly quiet when in

6 reviews | 28 opinions (Average)


More information at: PC-WELT, issue 4/2011 8 multifunctional colour laser devices compared These colour laser printers can also copy, scan and fax - and they come with some practical additions. These devices had to show what they could do in the ‘PC-WELT’ test laboratory. In test: Eight multifunctional colour laser devices were tested. Among the test criteria were speed, quality, rate of consumption, handling, features and service.

Samsung ML-1865W
Samsung ML-1865W

B&W printer; Laser printer; Single cartridge sytem

Micro Mart were impressed with the Samsung ML-1865W's small dimensions but warn that once the input tray and power supply have been added, it becomes a bit bigger. It has a smart design and the

10 reviews | 29 opinions (Average)


More information at: Micro Mart, issue 1181 (27 October-2 November 2011) Group Test: Budget Mono Laser Printers While colour inkjets are the most popular printer types, they can't compare with laser models for speed and accuracy. Six budget contenders are compared to find the best bargain. In test: Six budget mono laser printers were reviewed and rated on quality and value. Final scores of 2 x 6, 2 x 7 and 2 x 8 were awarded. … to review

Samsung ML-1670
Samsung ML-1670

B&W printer; Laser printer; Single cartridge sytem

The most eye-catching feature of Samsung's ML-1670 is its one-touch printing button that allows you to scale a print without having to fiddle around. Register Hardware found it to be quite …

1 review


Samsung CLP-775ND
Samsung CLP-775ND

Colour printer; Laser printer; Internet access: LAN; Multi-cartridge system

As is common with many printers that are expensive to purchase, running costs are more affordable, so despite the initial high outlay for the Samsung CLP 775ND you won't be out of pocket in the …

2 reviews | 2 opinions (Excellent)


Samsung ML-2540
Samsung ML-2540

B&W printer; Laser printer; Single cartridge sytem

The Samsung ML-2545 small or home office mono laser printer has impressive print speeds for a budget device. TrustedReviews think it's an effective machine, as print quality is decent but

2 reviews


More information at: TrustedReviews, 4/2012 Samsung ML-2545 Although the Samsung ML-2545 is a budget printer, it looks more similar to one of the more expensive mono laser devices. Does it put in a top performance? … to review

Samsung CLP-325
Samsung CLP-325

Colour printer; Laser printer; Multi-cartridge system

Colour laser printers, like the Samsung CLP325, have become more affordable but still aren't cheap. Micro Mart say that when compared to a decent inkjet, the 2400x600dpi resolution seems very …

1 review


Samsung CLX-6220FX
Samsung CLX-6220FX

Colour printer, Multifunction Device; Laser printer; Single cartridge sytem

Printing can be loud, it's bulky in size and weighs quite a bit, but Expert Reviews declared the Samsung CLX-6220FX to be a great multi-function printer for workgroups, thanks to its quick print

7 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


More information at: MacUp, issue 4/2010 A4 colour multifunctional devices Those who do a lot of colour printing, copying and scanning in the office will not want to settle for less than a capable colour laser-based multifunctional device. We tested out the most important models. In test: Seven multifunctional printers were tested. They were rated on image quality, printing speed, scan quality, scan speed, features and operation.

Samsung CLP-325W
Samsung CLP-325W

Colour printer; Laser printer; Internet access: WLAN; Multi-cartridge system

“Modest printing quality. Graphics and photo prints are only of satisfactory quality. Like all inkjet printers, this devices also delivers very good text prints. Paper tray is tricky to fill up.

5 reviews | 127 opinions (Average)


More information at: Konsument, issue 6/2011 O.K or K.O? Every system has its strengths and weaknesses - laser printers are faster but inkjet printers deliver better quality. In test: 14 printers were tested including 4 inkjet printers and 10 laser printers. Test criteria were printing, ink/ toner costs, handling, versatility and eco-friendly qualities.

Samsung ML-1665
Samsung ML-1665

B&W printer; Laser printer; Single cartridge sytem

PC Pro reckon that if you need a small laser printer for infrequent use, the Samsung ML-1665 will suit you fine, but there is a better option. The cost per page with this printer isn't great so …

6 reviews | 79 opinions (Above average)


Samsung SCX-3205
Samsung SCX-3205

B&W printer, Multifunction Device; Laser printer; Single cartridge sytem

PC Advisor described the Samsung SCX-3205 as a decent all-rounder. They said that its running costs weren't quite as low as they would have liked to see, but it does feature better print quality …

3 reviews | 7 opinions (Above average)


Samsung ML-1660
Samsung ML-1660

B&W printer; Laser printer; Single cartridge sytem

“Likes: good print quality for texts, graphics and photos; low power consumption and noise level. Dislikes: high price per page; pretty slow print speed.”

3 reviews | 2 opinions (Excellent)



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Product information and further reviews

Don’t they look nice! FACTS Special 2012 Law and the Economy (4/2011) - Samsung is bringing out four new devices to bolster its lower-priced range of black/white multifunction printers. This ‘FACTS’ review will reveal just how good the latest monolasers are for your office. Review details: Four multifunctional laser printers and three laser printers, all with the same printing mechanism, were tested. Test criteria were printing performance, printing quality, copy quality, functionality and price.

Samsung ML1865W Mono Laser Printer Micro Mart 1155 (28 April-4 May 2011) - Is there any way a simple mono laser printer like the ML1865W can justify an asking price of nearly twice as much as an all-in-one?

Samsung ML-3710ND mono laser printer IT Reviews 9/2011 - Laser printers are renowned for their high quality and speedy performance. The recently released Samsung ML-3710ND has a lot to live up to.

Samsung ML-6510ND mono laser printer IT Reviews 9/2011 - In their efforts to conquer the printer market, Samsung has not only flooded it with a whole slew of budget models, but is also working on bringing laser printing to the masses.

Samsung ML-3710ND 7/2011 - With an Ethernet port, the monochrome ML-3710ND laser printer can be shared between various computers with ease, and it's faster than it's sibling, the ML-3310ND. Could this no-fuss machine be just what your office needs?

Samsung review: the CLP-620ND - a laser printer for small groups TecChannel 4/2011 - The Samsung CLP-620ND is designed for use in small groups. Its basic set of features include an integrated print server and a duplex unit. This colour printer from the 500 euro class impressed in our test by delivering delightful results at a very reasonable price.

Model child Business & IT 4/2010 - Those who have many wishes are often told that ‘you can’t always have everything’. Samsung has a different opinion, and has with the CLX-6220FX presented a real sensation in the field of multifunctional devices.

Discreet workhorse PC Praxis 3/2010 - Those who sit in an office with multiple other people who often need to use a printer would do well to install a network capable colour laser printer. It is for exactly this purpose that Samsung is offering the brand new CLP-670ND ...

Samsung ML-2580N reviewed PC-WELT Online 1/2010 - The Samsung ML-2580N black/white laser printer has been designed for offices and small networks. Its printing quality is very good. Review details: Single test. Among the test criteria were speed, print quality and features.

The price is right Business & IT 1/2010 - Budget colour laser devices are slow, whereas the faster devices cost a lot of money. At least that’s the popular opinion. The Koreans have proven once again, however, that it is possible to combine speed and low price.

Samsung CLP-315 MacUser 21/2008 - The only clues to the CLP-315's colour capabilities are the few splashes of colour on its black case. It is no bigger than a desktop mono laser and all the more impressive for it.

Samsung CLX-6220FX - Colour Laser MFP TrustedReviews 3/2010 - Colour laser multifunction printers rarely handle duplex print and there are still plenty that don't offer printing from and scanning to a USB drive. Samsung's CLX-6220FX is a workgroup level multifunction which does both of these things and boasts a print speed of 20ppm in both colour and mono print modes. Review details: Single Test. One multi function printer was reviewed and rated on features, print quality, print speed and value.

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