TomTom GPS Navigation Devices

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TomTom GO 5000

Type: In-car; Display size: 5"; TMC: HD Traffic; Weight: 229 g

Despite the GO 6000 being larger, the GO 5000 makes more sense as the company's new flagship, since its size makes it more manageable for most dashboards and it's a bit cheaper. The amazing

1 review | 244 opinions (Average)


More information at: TrustedReviews, 11/2013 TomTom GO 5000 It might be smaller than the GO 6000, but the GO 5000 is actually the range-topper in TomTom's line-up, mainly due to the updates the company has made to its software, which bring a host of new features to the table. … to review

TomTom GO 6000
TomTom GO 6000

Type: In-car; Display size: 6"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 292 g

The only thing TechRadar could find wrong with the GO 6000 is that its plastic build makes it look cheapish, but everything else about it is simply exceptional, making it possibly the best satnav on …

2 reviews | 244 opinions (Average)


TomTom Go 500 (2013)
TomTom Go 500 (2013)

Type: In-car; Display size: 5"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 229 g

The only thing about the Go 500 that disappointed PC Pro was its poor search function, but elsewhere it ticks all the boxes and then some. It's not cheap, but considering it includes lifetime …

3 reviews | 114 opinions (Average)


TomTom GO 600

Type: In-car; Display size: 6"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 292 g

While the GO 600 is a superb offering in all respects, Trusted Reviews didn't see the need for such a large screen, and recommended going for the cheaper GO 500 or GO 400 in its stead. In any …

1 review | 45 opinions (Average)


Go Live Camper and Caravan
TomTom GO LIVE Camper & Caravan

Type: Camper van, In-car; Display size: 5"; TMC: HD Traffic; Weight: 220 g

The extra outlay that the GO LIVE Camper & Caravan demands over its GO LIVE 1005 stablemate is a bit hard to swallow, but Trusted Reviews reckon that if you are a regular caravan or camper user, …

1 review | 37 opinions (Above average)


RIDER (2013) EU LifetimeMaps
TomTom RIDER (2013)

Type: Motorbike Navigation System; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Unavailable; Weight: 353 g

After putting TomTom's Rider through its paces, TechRadar concluded that it's a great choice if you're looking for a sat-nav device for your motorbike. It's not perfect, since it

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


More information at: T3, 4/2013 TomTom Rider Bicycle-specific satnavs are all the rage lately, and no wonder, since their myriad of features make them a must for dedicated riders. TomTom's first stab at the concept is the appropiately-named Rider. … to review

Start60 Europe Traffic
TomTom Start 60 Europe Traffic

Type: In-car; Display size: 6"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 236 g

The large size of the Start 60 Europe from TomTom is both its best and worst attribute for Computer Act!ve. It can be awkward to place, but it is slim and the large screen is wonderfully bright and …

5 reviews | 268 opinions (Above average)


TomTom Go Live 1005 Europe
TomTom Go Live 1005 Europe

Type: In-car; Display size: 5"; TMC: HD Traffic; Weight: 266 g

“Free LIVE services for two years which are subsequently available for an annual payment of 50 euros. TMC receiver available for a one off payment of 50 euros. Destination input using voice …

5 reviews | 484 opinions (Average)


One v3 Edition
TomTom One 3rd Edition

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: Unavailable, Yes; Weight: 174 g

“The best price-performance ratio ... is presented by the TomTom One 3rd Edition, which quickly calculates the fastest, shortest or favourite route, displays super sharp and clear images and makes …

10 reviews | 61 opinions (Above average)


TomTom Via 120 Live Traffic
TomTom Via 120 Live Traffic

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: HD Traffic; Weight: 349 g

Pocket-Lint says that although there are plenty of gadgets, particularly smartphones, offering navigation services, they still find that a dedicated device is the prefered solution and state that the …

3 reviews | 242 opinions (Above average)


TomTom Start
TomTom Start

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: No; Weight: 125 g

"... While we've got no major gripes with the TomTom Start's build and navigation, we're a bit baffled as to why the company thought pretty colours would be a selling point, when …

7 reviews | 163 opinions (Above average)


Start2 Central Europe
TomTom Start² Central Europe

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 125 g

“Entry-level sat-nav with an amazing range of functions and timesaving short trip calculation.”

5 reviews


More information at: SFT-Magazin, issue 8/2010 Leadership Qualities Navigation: In terms of guidance to destination, entry-level sat-navs no longer stand in the shadows of premium models. SFT let six of these automatic co-pilots show the way. In test: Six navigation devices were reviewed.

TomTom Go Live 820 (Europe & UK)
TomTom Go Live 820 (Europe & UK)

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: HD Traffic; Weight: 203 g

"... the battery life of 2 hours means you'll have to get used to wires trailing around the dashboard ... As hardware sat-navs go, this is about as good as it gets. Even so there's …

2 reviews | 308 opinions (Above average)


Go 950
TomTom Go 950 LIVE (Europe, US and Canada)

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: HD Traffic, Yes; Weight: 224 g

"Other models in TomTom's current line-up make more sense for casual drivers, especially because many of the virtues of the TomTom Go 950 Live will still be present. Road warriors

5 reviews | 293 opinions (Above average)


More information at: What Digital Camera, 6/2010 TomTom Go 950 Live The summer is a great time to search out new photo locations and, whether at home or abroad, you need a good eye and a good sense of direction, or at least you did. Satellite navigation has revolutionised the way we drive and it is helping photographers seek out locations more quickly and easily, too. So if you're packing your bags for a bit of sun and photography this summer, pack a sat-nav. ... … to review

TomTom Start 20 UK & Ireland
TomTom Start 20 UK & Ireland

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 181 g

If you're yet to invest in a sat-nav device, FiveFwd wouldn't hesitate to recommend TomTom's Start 20. They really didn't find anything to fault it; it's affordable, more

3 reviews | 400 opinions (Above average)


More information at: The Gadget Show, 7/2011 TomTom Start 20 With smartphones offering sat-nav features for free, dedicated devices have had a bit of a hard time of it lately. Can Tom Tom's nicely priced Start 20 turn the tables? … to review

Go1000 Live
TomTom Go Live 1000

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: HD Traffic; Weight: 220 g

For the features it provides, the TomTom Go Live 1000 puts on an impressive performance, says ComputerAct!ve, who were impressed with its helpful route-planning services, effective lane guidance, and …

13 reviews


Via Live 120 UK & ROI
TomTom Via Live 120 UK & Ireland

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: HD Traffic; Weight: 349 g

3 reviews | 242 opinions (Above average)


One V3 Europe
TomTom One 3rd Edition Europe

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: Unavailable, Yes; Weight: 174 g

“Those who don’t care about not having TMC are best advised to go for the TomTom One.”

6 reviews | 61 opinions (Above average)


More information at: TV Movie Multimedia, issue 11/2007 From A to B How long does it take you to get from A to B? Affordable navigation systems are guaranteed to be faster. Seven navigation systems were tested and were rated 6 x “good” and 1 x “satisfactory”. Test criteria were navigation, features, operation, mobility, multimedia attributes and workmanship/service.

TomTom One IQ Routes Edition
TomTom One IQ Routes Edition

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: Unavailable; Weight: 908 g

“High-performance navigation for low cost – TomTom’s One IQ Routes Edition always brings you safely and punctually to your destination.”

7 reviews | 369 opinions (Above average)


More information at: NAVIconnect, issue 3/2009 New Ways We don’t learn for school, but for the streets: TomTom, Navigon and Falk have developed learning navigation systems - and we tested them. In test: Five navigation systems were reviewed and were rated 3 x “very good” and 2 x “good”. Test criteria included features (navigation, communication, entertainment), handling (operation, destination entry, system speed ...) as well as destination guidance (audio and visual guidance, positioning accuracy).

Go 7000 Truck Navigation
TomTom Go 7000 (West Europe)

Type: Truck; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes

“Likes: TMC, Bluetooth hands-free, voice input for addresses, snazzy web options, telematics interface possible. Dislikes: not cheap; lack of warnings; relatively poorly marked routing.”

3 reviews | 24 opinions (Average)


More information at: Fernfahrer, issue 4/2010 Pilot Service Seven truck navigation systems are competing to take heavy goods traffic through Europe as quickly and safely as possible. The test reveals whether they are successful. In test: Seven navigation systems for lorries were tested. Test criteria were features, operation and destination guidance.


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Product information and further reviews

Test: the TomTom Via LIVE 120 Europe 2/2011 - The TomTom Via 120 Traffic, that was rated ‘very good’ by, incorporates classic TMC traffic information into its route planning. Now the TomTom Via LIVE 120 goes one step better. The LIVE 120 includes real-time services such as TomTom’s own traffic information service HD Traffic. TomTom markets HD Traffic as ‘the best traffic information service ever’ (source: TomTom).

Three rock stars auto connect 2/2008 - The giants of the sat-nav world are called TomTom. Do the new route guides XL Europe Traffic, Go 730T and Go 930T arrive straight at the front of the pack again? Review details: Three navigation devices were reviewed with two being rated “very good” and one receiving a mark of “good”. To determine a score, we used among others the criteria navigation, communication, entertainment, operation, destination entry, system speed and voice control.

It’s a simple question of statistics Navi-Magazin 11-12/2008 - At the IFA in Berlin, Dutch manufacturer TomTom introduced both new models, the Go 740 Live and Go 940 Live. Review details: Single test. Among the test criteria were intuitive operation, calculation speed, route quality and visual destination guidance.

TomTom XL IQ Edition Europe Traffic 4/2009 - With its XL IQ Routes, TomTom promises an intelligent route calculation. Based on the day of the week, the time of day and current traffic conditions, the navigation system calculates the best route for the driver. Could this signify the end of traffic jams? We tested, whether the device can keep up its promise.

A Free Way mobile next 4/2008 - Those who enter into street traffic with a TomTom XL or One can decide for themselves whether they want to load information about radar traps or not. Review details: Two navigation devices were tested and each gained 325 out of 500 possible points. The test criteria were handling/ergonomics (operation, choice of destination ...), route calculation (route options, calculation speed), guidance to destination (visual, audio ...) and convenience features (entertainment, communication).

TomTom Go 930T Smartphone & PDA Essentials 75/2008 - As the navigations market becomes saturated it would be logical to assume that as there are fewer true innovations yet to be made, fewer devices would be produced. For TomTom it seems this is not the case with the GO 930T arriving hot on the heels of its predecessor and with something of an innovation in tow.

TomTom GO Live 1000 PC Advisor 11/2010 - The TomTom GO Live 1000 is a GPS satnav device with a 4.3in capacitive touchscreen and a completely redesigned interface.

TomTom Go 930 Traffic Sat-Nav TrustedReviews 5/2008 - TomTom has had a firm grip on the in-car sat-nav market for a while. It will be aiming to keep its grip firmly fastened withe the new Go 930 Traffic.

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