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Navigon 5110
Navigon 5110

Type: In-car; TMC: Yes; Weight: 173 g

"What [it] lacks in multimedia functionality it makes up for with some excellent innovative features. Its Lane Assistant with Reality View is a godsend for those who struggle with complex …

1 review


Keychain GPS2000
Freedom Input Keychain GPS 2000

Type: PDA Navigation System

According to Smartphone & PDA Essentials, the Freedom Keychain GPS 2000 comes in as a close second to having in-built GPS, and at the end of the day it is the convenience of it that you're …

1 review | 10 opinions (Above average)


TS 7000Te
Navigon TS 7000T Europe

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes

"Well specified, nice bright screen, but a little shallow in terms of processing power and map detail."

4 reviews


Magellan Maestro 4040

Type: In-car

"If you want a widescreen navigation device on a budget, the Maestro 4040 is a good product and slightly better than Garmin's more attractive nuvi 250W. ..."

2 reviews


Road Angel Navigator 9000
Road Angel Navigator 9000

Type: In-car

Aimed more at the hearty road warrior with its constantly updated database of speed camera locations and mobile speed traps, the Road Angel Navigator 9000 works well if you take it on those merits. …

2 reviews


iPAQ310 Travel Companion
HP iPAQ 310 Travel Companion

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 187 g

"The HP iPaq 310 Travel Companion is good-looking hardware that handles navigation basics fine. But until the extras work better, it's not worth the high price."

1 review | 4 opinions (Average)


One Europa (Westeuropa) PNA Navigation
TomTom One Europe

Type: In-car; TMC: Unavailable; Weight: 174 g

"Superb price, superb functionality, superb looks. So, superb then."

7 reviews | 59 opinions (Above average)


C 520
Mio C520

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 190 g

It's pretty pricey, and Computer Shopper preferred the user-interface on offer from TomTom, but nonetheless, they considered the DigiWalker C250 to be a good choice of satnav. Thanks to the nice …

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Poor)


Packard Bell Compasseo 500

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; Weight: 166 g

"A decent price tag and feature list doesn't always spell a great bargain, and in the Compasseo's case you'll be better sticking with a road atlas. ..."

3 reviews


ViaMichelin X-980T

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes

"There's no single element that damns the X-980T, but it's expensive and doesn't offer the same ease of use as TomTom's devices. ..."

3 reviews


Syrius S600 +
Snooper Syrius S600 Plus

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"

"... Snooper markets the Syrius as a safety camera detection device with the advantage of easy-to-use navigation - and for this reason alone it is a worthy purchase."

1 review | 8 opinions (Above average)


GoPal PNA470
Medion GoPal PNA 470

Type: In-car

"While the 470 looks great on paper, it's distinctly less attractive when situated on your dashboard, suffering from display and mapping issues and an interface that could be friendlier. …

1 review


Mio C320

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 190 g

The Mio Digiwalker C320 might be a rather trendy satnav device, but considering the £220 price tag, Computer act!ve say that those hoping for additional features will find it a bit of a let down.

2 reviews


TomTom Go 910

Type: In-car; Display size: 4"; TMC: Unavailable

As SatNavs go, What Mobile reckon the TomTom Go 910 is the ultimate device. This top seller is now also even better value for the price.

4 reviews | 76 opinions (Average)


Actis III Europe
Directions Actis 3 Europe

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"

"The Actis 3 has a lot of potential and tries to bring a touch of class to the budget market. Hopefully, by the time you read this most of the problems will be ironed out by the pending …

1 review


My Pal A696
Asus MyPal A696

Type: PDA Navigation System, In-car; Display size: 3.5"; Weight: 165 g

"... Windows Mobile 6.0 will drive your multimedia and organisational software just fine, but in a hugely competitive market flooded with GPS enabled smartphones, this little PDA may just get …

3 reviews


Nav-U NV-U9-2
Sony Nav-U NV-U92

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.8"; Weight: 250 g

"... a stylish and simple to use sat-nav that breezes through search and navigation with aplomb. The widescreen display may be a power-sucking luxury, but it keeps navigation truly at your …

1 review


Keomo Personal Navigation Device

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: Unavailable

"... Navigation is good, but this device is too flaky to consider over the £10-cheaper Acer v200 Travel Companion."

1 review


iPAQ rx 5935 Travel Companion
HP iPAQ rx5935 Travel Companion

Type: PDA Navigation System, In-car; Display size: 3.5"

"It's hard to argue too much with the package - good specs at a good price."

1 review | 6 opinions (Excellent)


Navman iCN 720
Navman iCN 720

Type: In-car; Display size: 4"

"... A high-quality navigation device, with excellent usability and on-screen information display, but NavPix may let it down somewhat ..."

3 reviews | 4 opinions (Excellent)



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