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Digi-walker A-501
Mio A501

Type: PDA Navigation System; Weight: 135 g

"... The device packs plenty of features into a small space, but its sluggish performance, ugly design and lack of 3G and Wi-Fi support are just too off-putting to make it a success."

5 reviews


TomTom Go 730T
TomTom Go 730T

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 220 g

“Likes: simple operation, very good range of functions, good Mac connection. Dislikes: high price, unstable software.”

5 reviews | 40 opinions (Above average)


Telmap Navigator for BlackBerry
Telmap Navigator for BlackBerry

Type: PDA Navigation System; TMC: Yes

Rapid updating and as useful for pedestrians as well as drivers, Telmap's Navigator for BlackBerry handsets allows you to have complete confidence in its route planning. With Europe-wide maps …

1 review


TomTom One IQ Routes Edition Europe 42
TomTom One IQ Routes Edition Europe 42

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 140 g

Search for fuel by price and Europe-wide safety camera updates from TomTom's LIVE Services are part of their One IQ Routes Edition Europe 42 satnav. PC-based configuration with European map …

1 review | 365 opinions (Above average)


TomTom Go 750 Live (Europe)
TomTom Go 750 Live (Europe)

Mobile navigation system; Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes, HD Traffic; Weight: 224 g

“Likes: large display with small device measurements; good screen split; quick access menu able to be individually configured; lane assistant; ‘intelligent’ route calculation that is time of day and …

3 reviews


C520 t
Mio C520t

Type: In-car; TMC: Yes

"... The Mio offers up great functionality with its split-screen mouse, which displays the usual map view and selected information. We found the selection of information on view too much, and it …

5 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


TomTom One XL IQ Routes Europe
TomTom One XL IQ Routes Europe

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: HD Traffic

Despite being markedly more expensive than the One and XL models, TomTom's XL IQ Routes Edition uses route finding based on traffic flow rather than shortest distance, meaning less likelihood of …

1 review


c 530
Acer c530

Palmtop / Windows PDA / Pocket PC

"A nice device and an inexpensive one, although lacking in any real standout features."

2 reviews | 3 opinions (Excellent)


Strada CNGP50N
Panasonic Strada CN-GP50N

Type: In-car; Display size: 5"; TMC: Yes

"... somehow a couple off the basics were forgotten along the way, and it is arguable that there are more competent units on the market at the same price point."

3 reviews | 15 opinions (Above average)


Navman S50 3D
Navman S50 3D

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: No; Weight: 198 g

"... the Navman S50 3D has some spot-on free safety camera data, a solid Bluetooth connection so you can search for local restaurants or Burger Kings, and a nifty automatic switch from Day to …

2 reviews | 42 opinions (Above average)


Route 66 Mini - Regional

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: Yes

There are features a plenty in this well designed device. The Route 66 Mini performs well above its weight in all conditions with a responsive screen to boot. This device includes features such as …

4 reviews


Pronav PNN-200 Sat Nav
Navevo Pronav PNN-200 Sat

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"

With route navigation able to be tailored to your vehicle build, map overlays with information specific to your professional driving needs, and Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile, the only thing …

1 review


Go Pal PNA465
Medion GoPal PNA 465

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 210 g

"Medion's GoPal PNA465 is a great GPS device, bringing excellent routing performance to a smart light-weight unit; only the cheaper PNA460 represents better value due to the ineffectiveness …

7 reviews


Go Pal P-4425
Medion GoPal P4425

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: No

The Medion GoPal P4425 has all the bells and whistles that you could want or need in a GPS device. With a text to speech application and voice recognition the GoPal P4425 becomes as hands-free as …

8 reviews


Binatone Carrera C350 BT
Binatone Carrera C350 BT

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: No; Weight: 135 g

There is no question that the Binaton C350 BT offers solid navigation on a very tight budget, but PDA Essentials felt that the cheap feel of the device and its use of older software and maps meant it …

1 review | 2 opinions (Poor)


H 610
Mio H610

Type: Outdoor; Weight: 110 g

"... This is the best implementation of multimedia we've seen in a navigation device, but that's not to say it's perfect."

8 reviews


TomTom Go 720

Type: Outdoor, In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 220 g

"Everything you could want from a SatNav. All you need to ass is a memory card for your music."

6 reviews | 68 opinions (Above average)


Acer V200

Type: In-car, Outdoor; Display size: 3.5"; Weight: 172 g

"... at times the screen was slow to catch up, particularly at roundabouts. The overriding impression though, was of a well built devcie that gives confidence in what it can do."

6 reviews


Wayfinder Systems Navigator Preloaded

Type: PDA Navigation System; TMC: Yes

Personal Computer World suggested the Preloaded version of Wayfinder Navigator is a much better bet than the OTA (over-the-air) version. The magazine reported good prompts, comprehensive speed camera …

1 review


Garmin Nüvi 255WT
Garmin Nüvi 255WT

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes

For such a low price, PDA Essentials was impressed with how much the nüvi 255WT had to offer. Traffic alerts worked well and the whole package was very easy to use through the touchscreen, which the …

6 reviews



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