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NV-U92 T
Sony NV-U92T

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.8"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 250 g

"... serves as an incredibly reliable pathfinder. It calculates the best routes throughout almost all of Europe, and guides travelers to their destinations with amazing precision. ..."

1 review | 1 opinion (Above average)


Nüvi 860T
Garmin Nüvi 860

Mobile navigation system; Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 176 g

"... the Garmin nuvi 860T's 4.3-inch touchscreen is sizeable enough for easy navigation, and the interface is super-responsive to your prods ... In use, it's as good as any satnav on …

6 reviews


Vodafone UK Navigator
Vodafone UK Navigator

Type: PDA Navigation System

A cheap and cheerful sat-nav system that works well on any Blackberry with GPS. Trusted Reviews thought Vodafone Navigator (Telmap v4) was great value for money but one shouldn't expect anything …

1 review


N 40i
Navman N40i

Type: In-car; TMC: Unavailable

"What would have been a solid system is brought down by the added cost incurred by the camera."

4 reviews | 8 opinions (Above average)


satnav 220
RAC Sat Nav 220

Type: In-car

"The RAC Satnav 220 is bigger than the average sat-nav device, but its wide-format screen is a real boon. The Fuzzy Search tool is excellent, and the inclusion of TMC data makes this a nicely …

3 reviews | 3 opinions (Excellent)


ViaMichelin X-970T

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"

"... For this price ... you can get more features, better navgation software and a far superior screen elsewhere."

1 review | 3 opinions (Average)


Magellan RoadMate 1215
Magellan RoadMate 1215

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: Unavailable; Weight: 143 g found the Magellan RoadMate 1215 to be heavily flawed but underneath it all is a diamond in the rough. For its reasonable price it is not something to turn your nose up at.

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)


TomTom XL Traffic Europe 22

Type: In-car

Trusted Reviews predicts the XL Traffic Europe 22 price will fall. Despite preferring the the 720 Trusted Reviews still recommend the XL Traffic Europe 22 thanks to its better value for money.

1 review


GPS Sports Sports-Log

PDA Essentials suggested that the Sports-Log device is much more versatile than the name would lead you to believe. Along its uses as a sports statistics tool, the product could also be used for …

1 review


Nokia Navigator
Nokia Navigator

Type: In-car; Weight: 125 g

Even though PC Advisor believe the future lies with phone based GPS, the Nokia Navigator didn't have them fully convinced.

3 reviews


Nüvi 200 W
Garmin Nüvi 200W

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 173 g

"... The maps are very clear, routing is competent and disaster free, while audio instructions are mostly reliable. More importantly it's extremely easy to use ..."

1 review


Mio P560

Smartphone; Weight: 170 g; Candybar; MP3 player, Camera, Keyboard

"... if you have your eye on a standalone satnav device with Bluetooth and some added features, the the P560 makes a good argument for approaching your search from a PDA perspective …

3 reviews


Traffic Pro7945
Becker Automotive Systems Traffic Pro 7945

Navigations System

"... a compelling prospect for drivers who live and work in their cars. ..."

5 reviews


One Xtra Large
TomTom One XL

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 208 g

"... Although the ONE doesn't have the multimedia functions of its bigger brother, it's still packed with features that other systems have yet to match and, above all, it's still …

7 reviews | 4 opinions (Excellent)


Nuevi 360
Garmin Nuvi 360

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; Weight: 144.6 g

"The tiny Garmin Nuvi 360 is an affordable GPS device that offers high-end features such as travel information. It lacks some features, but is well priced and stylish."

3 reviews | 8 opinions (Above average)


X 950T
ViaMichelin X-950T

Type: In-car

"A good choice for UK holidaymakers, but additional maps are expensive for those planning trips further afield."

2 reviews | 10 opinions (Below average)


TomTom Go 510

Type: In-car

"TomTom's 510 is easy to use and has some useful features that the One lacks, but it's much more expensive. ..."

2 reviews | 55 opinions (Above average)


S 700
Novogo S700

Type: In-car

There is a price to be paid if you want TCM traffic updates, and the Novogo S700 has no AC charger, but generally PC Advisor believed it to be a first class SatNav.

5 reviews


iPAQ310 Travel Companion
HP iPAQ 310 Travel Companion

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 187 g

"The HP iPaq 310 Travel Companion is good-looking hardware that handles navigation basics fine. But until the extras work better, it's not worth the high price."

1 review | 4 opinions (Average)


Carrera X 430
Binatone Carrera X430

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"

"Good in parts then, we liked the Binatone Carrera X430 Europe and it's good at its core job - satellite navigation. It's not without quirks, however, and the battery life is …

1 review | 8 opinions (Above average)



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