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Nuvi 200
Garmin Nüvi 200

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; Weight: 147 g

“... The operating system works flawlessly, the map content is excellent and it has a high-contrast display. The nüvi 200 is furthermore very handy to use ...”

6 reviews


Moov Spirit V505TV
Mio Moov Spirit V505 (Europe)

Mobile navigation system; Type: In-car, Pedestrian; Display size: 4.7"; TMC: No; Weight: …

“... the more expensive model (also without TMC) is an all-round disappointment with grave weaknesses in terms of unit operation and battery life (devaluation due to problematic operation).”

2 reviews


S 90i
Navman S90i

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes

"... The lack of an FM transmitter and a Pedestrian mode seem to be the biggest oversight, which is a shame given how portable the S90i is. Still, those qualms aside, it's difficult to pick …

6 reviews | 24 opinions (Average)


Holux GR-245 GPSport

Type: Outdoor; Weight: 72 g

“The field of application for the GPSport 245 is suited for use by endurance athletes, mountain bikers or simply those who don’t want to continuously play around with a complicated navigation system, …

2 reviews | 2 opinions (Above average)


Go 920T
TomTom Go 920 T

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: No; Weight: 220 g

"The GO 920T definitely justifies TomTom's position as top dog for satellite navigation, with nearly every feature offering a real benefit."

1 review | 19 opinions (Above average)


C620 t
Mio C620t

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 962 g

“The C620T is a successful navigation system with simple, intuitive operation and very fast and precise navigation performance. The well-designed holder with integrated connections is very practical.”

5 reviews | 1 opinion (Poor)


XL IQ Routes Ed.
TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition Europe Traffic

Mobile navigation system; Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 186 g; …

Though coming with the superb IQ Routes, TomTom's XL IQ Routes Edition lacks TMC, Bluetooth and multimedia support. While being a commendable device, the inclusion of TMC would genuinely take …

6 reviews | 510 opinions (Above average)


Navman S30 3D
Navman S30 3D

Type: In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: No; Weight: 145 g

As an affordable device to get you from A to B, Computeract!ve felt that the Navman S30 3D was a great choice. The 3D maps may still be a bit of a gimmick and it may lack some features found as …

4 reviews | 84 opinions (Above average)


Traffic Assist Z205
Becker Automotive Systems Z205

Mobile navigation system; Type: In-car; TMC: Yes

Among the key features that set the Becker Automotive Systems Z205 apart from the rest, is its lane assistant function says the EISA team, who appreciates how it provides an accurate depiction of …

1 review | 3 opinions (Excellent)


Garmin Edge 705
Garmin Edge 705

Mobile navigation system; Type: Outdoor; Display size: 2.2"; TMC: Unavailable; Weight: 110 g; …

“Very well suited for cyclists. Very simple map included in delivery. Many options for cyclists. Bicycle holder included.”

5 reviews | 36 opinions (Above average)


Garmin nüvi 760

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; Weight: 190 g

PDA Essentials felt that while having all the key ingredients for a killer PND, the Garmin didn't fare well enough in the presentation stakes to take it to the next level. The magazine suggests …

4 reviews


Navigation Suite (for BlackBerry)
Jentro FoxNav Mobile Navigation (for BlackBerry)

Type: PDA Navigation System; TMC: Yes

While navigation is competent, address finding and contacts searching are both on the slow side. Unlike stand-alone sat-navs, FoxNav doesn't feel as responsive and engaging. The convenience of …

1 review


NDrive G800R
NDrive G800R

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: No; Weight: 210 g

After the initial excitement over the Photo Mapping, PDA Essentials decided that the G800R wasn't that much of an all-round performer. Features were fairly limited and for all its wow factor, …

4 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


Mapyx Quo 2

Type: Outdoor, Pedestrian; TMC: No

The free software of Mapyx's Quo 2 is really about the Ordnance Survey maps it displays. More expensive than printed versions, the ability to customise your map data and the powerful software …

1 review


Satsports Multi-sports GPS

Mobile navigation system; Type: Outdoor; Display size: 2.7"; GPS Data Logger

Despite its seemingly scattershot approach, FiveFWD reckon that the Multi-Sports GPS does indeed perform well on all fronts, providing an easy to use and useful service for golfers, cyclists and …

5 reviews | 56 opinions (Average)


Nüvi 250 W
Garmin Nüvi 250W

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Unavailable; Weight: 173 g

"With gorgeous looks, Europe-wide mapping and an excellent screen, the nuvi 250W is great value. But poor onscreen information and a reliance on voice prompts means that there are better devices …

4 reviews


TomTom Go 540 Live
TomTom Go 540 Live

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 224 g

Tomtom's Go 540 Live sat nav is highly useful for anyone who spends a lot of time driving, though the price is steep. Route planning is competent and live services only add to this. Hands-free …

2 reviews | 292 opinions (Above average)


Navman S300
Mio Navman Spirit 300

Type: Outdoor, Pedestrian, In-car; Display size: 3.5"; TMC: Yes; Weight: 126.5 g

In the same price bracket as TomTom's ONE Classic and IQ Routes Edition, Mio's Navman Spirit 300 betters both with the inclusion of Live Traffic. The removal of SlideTouch from the Spirit …

1 review | 8 opinions (Excellent)


Binatone Carrera T430
Binatone Carrera T430

Type: In-car; Display size: 4.3"; TMC: Yes

Wireless rear-view cameras can cost a pretty penny which PDA Essentials feels increases the T430's value for money. Unfortunately, as installation was something of a pain, any savings could be …

3 reviews


Wintec GPS WSG-1000
Wintec GPS WSG-1000

Mobile navigation system; Type: Outdoor; TMC: Unavailable; Weight: 96 g; GPS Data Logger

Sun Suitability: “good” (4 out of 5 stars); Operation: “satisfactory” (3 out of 5 stars); Operating Time: “very good” (5 out of 5 stars).

5 reviews



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