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Philips PET723
Philips PET723

Display Size: 7"; Connectivity: USB

Reg Hardware wasn't all too impressed with the PET723; the screen's resolution was too low to do photos or movies justice and both viewing angles and battery life were poor. While a nice …

1 review | 2 opinions (Excellent)


PDJ 701 Photo Display
Jobo PDJ701

Display Size: 7"; Connectivity: USB

"The Jobo frame features a generous 1GB of internal memory and a high-resolution screen delivering crisp images. Digital Photo also found it easy to enter settings for transitions and slideshows …

1 review


PhotoFrame 10 FF 2 M 4
Philips Photo Frame 10FF2M4

Display Size: 10.2"

Philips' largest frame in the group is the best specified of its offerings. It screen is detailed if slightly dark and its 128MB internal memory can hold a large number of pictures, which can …

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Clear Frame Plus
LTECHi ClearFrame Plus

Portable DVD player

"The ClearFrame Plus is a missed opportunity: the screen's great, but it's more hassle than it's worth to use it as anything more than a TV/DVD combo."

1 review


XSU 0750DE
Polaroid XSU-0750DE

Display Size: 7"; Connectivity: USB

"With a 16:9 aspect ratio, the screen on the Polaroid XSU 0750DE digital photo frame isn't ideally suited to displaying digital images leading to stretching or black bars surrounding your …

1 review


AJL 308
Philips AJL308

Display Size: 7"; Connectivity: USB

"Marrying a clock radio with a digital photo frame is an awesome concept, but the Philips AJL308 needs to be improved upon before it becomes the perfect union."

1 review


BT (British Telecom) e-Frame 200

Display Size: 7"; Connectivity: USB

"The background whine is a concern and ultimately, combined with a few questionable design features and software problems, leaves the frame feeling somewhat average."

1 review | 4 opinions (Above average)


AF 5070M
AgfaPhoto AF 5070 M

"... Despite the big brand name, there are far better digital photo frames out there."

2 reviews


Photo AF 5075M BT
AgfaPhoto AgfaPhoto AF 5075M

Display Size: 7"; Connectivity: Bluetooth

With an upgraded screen offering better colour rendition and picture quality than its cheaper sibling, the AF5075M also features the added benefit of Bluetooth transfers to- and from the device. The …

1 review


Clear view 5.5in 5TFTDPFRC
ATMT Clearview 5.5''

Display Size: 5.5"

For PC Pro magazine, the ATMT Clearview digital photo frame offered nothing less than average specs and average performance. Its build quality would suggest a better display, but sadly this is not …

1 review | 5 opinions (Above average)


MiniView Digital Photo Frame
ATMT Mini View

Display Size: 7"

Coming in at the second-cheapest price in the test, the ATMT frame may look like a bargain, especially when considering its solid build. When it comes to picture quality however, cost-cutting …

1 review | 11 opinions (Average)


Digi Frame 1020
Braun Phototechnik DigiFrame 1020

Display Size: 10.2"

"... In terms of colour there are no complaints, with natural-looking results that are neither too saturated nor too high in contrast. The viewing angle is also respectable ..."

1 review


TekBright Digital Photoframe 7in (PA3637K)
Toshiba TekBright Photo Frame 7'' (PA3637K)

Display Size: 7"; Connectivity: USB

Computeract!ve went so far as to say that the 7-inch Toshiba TekBright had the best image quality they had seen in a digital photo frame. The touch-sensitive buttons were a little slow to respond, …

1 review | 1 opinion (Poor)


AgfaPhoto AF5070
AgfaPhoto AF5070

Display Size: 7"; Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB

The image quality is good but the crowning feature is the Bluetooth. Pocket Lint enjoyed the great resolution of the screen, but found the lack of wireless power disconcerting.

1 review


Jobo PDJ801
Jobo PDJ801

Display Size: 8"; Connectivity: USB

Compared to Sony's digital picture frames, Jobo's PDJ801 seems to render images a little flat, though conversely more natural and with better contrast to preserve details. Lack of remote …

1 review


Advent ADE-MDPF1

Display Size: 1.8"

"With most phones featuring a similar size display, few people will require a dedicated photo frame of this size, but it’s very cheap at less than £10."

1 review


Champion Asia Powerstar

"... it's fairly rugged and seems like it'll stand up to life in your living room. The screen isn't as bright and sharp as Kodaks' excellent frame, but it's better than …

1 review


Philips 7FF1 AW

"... The quality of the screen is stunning, and the build of the frame feels expensive. ..."

4 reviews


Alita 8in
Linx Ality 8'' Digital Photo Frame

"... Images are bright and crisp, with a good angle of view, but reflections from the plastic cover can be annoying at times. ..."

2 reviews


Jobo PDC700

Display Size: 7"

"... Pictures are sharp and clear, with good shadow detail and natural colours. Overall the PDC700 is at least as models costing £50 more, making it our new favourite photo frame."

1 review



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