Beyerdynamic Headphones

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Custom 1 Pro
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Studio Headphone, HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; …

IT Reviews found it hard to say anything bad about the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros, saying that their customisable sound signature is genuinely useful since it gives you the option to have a flat …

3 reviews | 16 opinions (Above average)


Beyerdynamic DT-1350
Beyerdynamic DT-1350

Headphones; Shape: Closed; 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, Gold Plated Plug, Headband Adjuster, Single- …

“If you’re used to using headphones that deliver an analytical sound, feel free to take your expectations up a notch with the DT1350. Terms such as ‘clarity’, ‘definition’ and ‘attention to detail’

5 reviews | 9 opinions (Excellent)


More information at: zoom, issue 3/2011 When it sounds like a band It’s noisy on the set. The sound man either has to find a quiet corner or a good pair of headphones. Sound expert Jan Wellmann took a look at four professional monitoring headphones and in this edition of ‘zoom’ he’ll reveal just what they can do. Four headphones were reviewed.

Tesla 5p
Beyerdynamic T 5p

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Gold Plated Plug, …

"FOR: Dynamic and good timing; a decently open, lively sound; good build; portable. AGAINST: The closed-back design takes away some edge and transparency."

7 reviews | 2 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Wired, 1/2012 First-Class Fidelity A high quality aluminium frame and hand stitched leather earpads and headband don't come cheaply. Does the sound quality match up to the high-end exterior? … to review

T 50 p
Beyerdynamic T50P

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: On-ear, Closed; Plane adapter, 3.5 - …

"2011 Award winners for a reason, and now more affordable than ever."

10 reviews | 17 opinions (Above average)


More information at: AUDIO, issue 6/2010 Open Air Concert After the long winter, it’s finally time to get out in the fresh air. And music should be in plentiful supply. German magazine ‘AUDIO’ has once again had a listen to some fascinating in-ears and headband phones. The test consisted of nine models, five of which include a speaker phone for music lovers who love to make calls, and an exclusive look at a new product. In test: Nine sets of headphones were tested, one other was introduced. Test criteria were sound and workmanship.

Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE
Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE

In-ear Headphone; Shape: Closed; Sound-Isolating

"... the DTX 101 iEs have the range and balance to turn their hand to just about any style ... Of particular note is a bass delivery that while not the deepest, is authoritative, solid and great …

2 reviews


Beyerdynamic T70
Beyerdynamic T70

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, Gold Plated Plug, Single-sided Cable, Sound- …

Beyerdynamic's T70s are a conservative-sounding pair of headphones which pleased Hi-Fi News but didn't blow their mind due to a certain lack of presence and detail. However, they make for …

2 reviews


Tesla 1
Beyerdynamic T1

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Gold Plated Plug

It's definitely not made for the masses, but Beyerdynamic's T1 is everything that an audiophile should hope to find in a pair of headphones and then some. Hi-Fi News found it supremely

8 reviews


More information at: stereoplay, issue 1/2010 “Unadulterated pleasure” - open design When listening to music via headphones you’re not disturbed by either the reflection of sound or noisy family members. But if the sound is still poor then it’s because of the headphones themselves- that’s why we carried out this test. In test: We tested eleven headphones with an open design from a wide range of price categories and they received ratings from “good-very good” to “satisfactory”. Test criteria were sound, measurements, practice and valency.

Beyerdynamic DTX 71 iE
Beyerdynamic DTX 71 iE

Earphone (Earbud), In-ear Headphone; Without head band ; Noise-Cancelling

Sound quality (70%): “satisfactory” (2.54); Operation/miscellaneous (26%): “satisfactory” (3.33); Service (4%): “satisfactory” (2.50).

3 reviews | 1 opinion (Average)


Beyerdynamic MMX 101 iE

In-ear Headphone; Microphone, Remote Control, Sound-Isolating

"... these sound better than their impressive siblings, with greater weight, detail and dynamics. They lack volume buttons on the remote, but that makes them compatible with more phones."

2 reviews


Beyerdynamic DTX 100

In-ear Headphone; Without head band

"... the 100s are still rhythmic, open and detailed, and they are significantly weightier and fuller-sounding, but it nevertheless has to be said that the 80s have just a smidge of extra sass

7 reviews | 6 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Audio Video Foto Bild, issue 9/2009 “Street musicians” - headphones from 70 to 100 euros In test: Eight sets of headphones in the 70 to 100 euros price range were reviewed. They were each rated “satisfactory”. Among the test criteria were sound quality (listening test, frequency response - accuracy, maximum undistorted sound), operation (operating instructions, volume/balance controls) and miscellaneous (weight with cable, comfort, supplied power adapter/carry pouch).

Beyerdynamic DTX 60
Beyerdynamic DTX 60

In-ear Headphone; Without head band ; Gold Plated Plug, Sound-Isolating

“... The 60 sounds rounder and has a few more bass fundamentals, but in exchange the highs are not as clear as with the DTX 100. But when faced with the competition both are going to have a difficult

6 reviews | 2 opinions (Average)


More information at: Audio Video Foto Bild, issue 9/2009 “Street musicians” - headphones from 20 to 60 euros Street music provides a lively atmosphere in certain pedestrian zones. An MP3 player with a snappy tune will put a spring in your step, even on the way to work. ... In test: Eight sets of headphones in the 20 to 60 euro price range were reviewed. They were each rated “satisfactory”. Among the test criteria were sound quality (listening test, frequency response - accuracy, maximum undistorted sound), operation (operating instructions, volume/ balance adjuster) and miscellaneous (weight with cable, comfort, supplied power adapter/ carry pouch).

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

DJ Headphone, Studio Headphone; Headphones; 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, Gold Plated Plug, Single- …

“... Beyerdynamic has focused on pure elegance and functionality in the development of its DT 770 Pro model. ... Its increased frequency range (which now goes all the way to 5 Hz) deserves a special …

4 reviews | 42 opinions (Above average)


Beyerdynamic DT 440

HiFi Headphone; Headphones

"... Sonically, the Beyerdynamics conjure up a surprisingly spacious and open sound. They uncover detail well, and are strong at extracting treble nuances. But music doesn't flow as freely …

1 review | 1 opinion (Poor)


Beyerdynamic DTX 80
Beyerdynamic DTX 80

In-ear Headphone; Without head band

"There's a lot to be said for an upgrade to your earphones - the free buds rarely do the job. The DTX80 in-ears combine comfort ... with superb attention to detail - solid but controlled …

3 reviews | 13 opinions (Excellent)


Beyerdynamic DTX 300 p
Beyerdynamic DTX 300 p

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: On-ear, Closed; 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, …

“Likes: dynamic, lively sound and foldable. Dislikes: hardly any bass, weak foundations.”

3 reviews | 4 opinions (Poor)


More information at: SFT-Magazin, issue 4/2011 Beyerdynamic DTX 300 p Beyerdynamic’s latest model provides MP3 fans with music on the go. ...

Beyerdynamic Headzone DT 880
Beyerdynamic Headzone DT 880

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Half open; Single- …

"Undoubtedly the best headphone-based surround-sound system we've heard, but at this price you'd want to use it daily."

2 reviews | 5 opinions (Above average)


Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Edition
Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Edition

HiFi Headphone; Headphones deemed the Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones to be some of the most comfortable they had ever tried. The sound they generated was firm with controlled bass. Build quality was also superb, with

2 reviews | 5 opinions (Above average)


More information at:, 6/2011 Beyerdynamic Headphones Are Classic Cans for Modern Times The DT880s from Beyerdynamic eschew the trend setter styling of today, and instead look to the past when headphones were considered a listening tool. … to review

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (80 Ohm Version)
Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (80 Ohm Version)

Studio Headphone; Headphones; Sound-Isolating, Single-sided Cable

The only headphones tested with a closed back design, Beyerdynamic's DT770 Pro 80Ω also have the best noise reduction of the five. Straighforward design with massive bottom-end, though not quite …

1 review | 78 opinions (Excellent)


Beyerdynamic DT 235

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter

Although no lookers, What Hi-Fi? finds that the Beyerdynamic DT-235s offer a likable enough sound to warrant an audition, suggesting that their smooth and natural sound can be the perfect travel …

1 review | 12 opinions (Above average)


Beyerdynamic SX10
Beyerdynamic SX10

In-ear Headphone; Neck-band earphones

One of the the oldest headphones in this group of new designs, this comes over in Beyerdynamic's SX10's sound. Detail and clarity have improved much since their release, as has design and …

1 review | 2 opinions (Average)



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Product information and further reviews

Big sound VIDEOAKTIV 1/2011 - Beyerdynamic just keeps on giving: with the 890 euro T 5 p, the manufacturer has brought out its third model in the Tesla series this year. Something for film makers to consider?

Catchy tunes included HiFi Test 1/2010 - Music enjoyment is becoming more and more mobile, it’s just that sadly most mobile players choose to make cuts exactly in the most sensitive place i.e the point where the music, after multiple conversions, finally reaches our ears. What you often find in most MP3 player and mobile phone boxes, is a pair of simple ear buds with limited adjustability options and few useful accessories. Review details: Six sets of premium in-ear headphones were reviewed. They were given gradings from 1.3 to 1.5. Test criteria were sound (tonality, liveliness) and practical application (comfort and operation).

On-song, on-ear Beyers What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 1/2011 - Unboxing the Beyerdynamics, we were desperate for them to sound as good as (we think) they look. ...

Beyerdynamic T1 headphones and A1 amp What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 11/2010 - These headphones and amp siblings dig up detail most speakers can only dream of.

Tested: Beyerdynamik T50 P AUDIO 8/2010 - It wasn’t quite finished in time for the last AUDIO headphone test in our 6/10 issue, but we were able to give you a little taster of the capabilities of the T50 p in a quick test. Now the time has come: the first mobile headphones from Beyerdynamic are on sale. ...

Beyerdynamic T50P: street headphones for purists Toms Hardware Guide 5/2010 - You can get the Tesla series, not only from Nvidia, but also from headphone specialists, Beyerdynamic. At the end of the day both companies are referencing the name of the inventor, electrical engineer Nikola Tesla (1863 - 1943). Beyerdynamic will soon be bringing out the T50P high-end headphones, which you can catch a glimpse of at the High-End trade fair in Munich.

Beyerdynamik DTX 100 sempre 5/2009 - According to the audio experts at Beyerdynamic in Heilbronn, it wasn’t just professional expertise which went into the development of the DTX 100 in-ear headphones; the customer’s needs and wants were also considered, which were gauged using factory models.

Beyerdynamic T1 TechRadar UK 3/2010 - We break the Tesla barrier with Beyerdynamic's high-end T1 headphones.

Good, for wireless cans What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 9/2007 - Wireless 'phones are a bit of a toughie: should you compare them to other headphones, or do you judge them based on the standard of other wireless cane? We do both.

Beyerdynamic's buds will make your music flower What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 5/2007 - The silicon pads on these new Beyerdynamic earphones provide a snug, effectively noise-isolating fit.

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