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Shure SRH940
Shure SRH940

Studio Headphone, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Gold Plated Plug, Fold- …

"FOR: Open, transparent sound; well integrated across frequency range; comfy to wear. AGAINST: Revealing sound might not be to everyone's tastes."

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Sony MDR-NC100D
Sony MDR-NC100D

In-ear Headphone; Shape: Half open; Plane adapter, Sound-Isolating, Noise-Cancelling

There is no arguing with the abilities of the Sony MDR-NC100Ds as a noise cancellation-focused set of earphones. Where Trusted Reviews does find reason for quarrel is with the chunky battery housing …

3 reviews | 12 opinions (Above average)


Sennheiser HD 558

Surround Sound Headphone, HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, …

With detailed, cultured and effortless sound, the HD 558s from Sennheiser were deemed by Trusted Reviews to be a superb starter set of headphones for entering high-end audio realms. The cable is …

5 reviews | 70 opinions (Excellent)


Master Tracks XC Studio Tuned by Calvin Harris
Sol Republic Master Tracks XC

DJ Headphone, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Remote Control, …

They ask for a hefty outlay, but the Master Tracks XC headphones Studio Tuned by Calvin Harris give a lot in return. Their build quality is simply impressive, their modular design means that the …

1 review


Sennheiser HD 380 Pro
Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

Studio Headphone; Headphones; Pivoting Ear Pieces, 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, Gold Plated Plug, …

"... enclosure vibration can impact on clarity and dynamics. These HD 380s have a powerful, vibrant sound. ... detail is good, although they're not the most refined. The folding design …

4 reviews | 81 opinions (Above average)


Sony MDR-XB600

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Closed, On-ear; Headband Adjuster, …

Trusted Reviews appreciated the advances that Sony has made to its Xtra Bass range with the MDR-XB600, but concluded that enough had not yet been done to bring them into line with the rest of the …

1 review | 35 opinions (Above average)


Rock Jaw i3D

In-ear Headphone; Shape: Closed; Microphone, Sound-Isolating

Although Rock Jaw's i3Ds look great and they're very comfortable, their sound quality is simply atrocious according to TechRadar. You can find superb earphones from Sennheiser or Shure at …

1 review | 8 opinions (Excellent)


Musical Fidelity EB-50

HiFi Headphone, In-ear Headphone; Stethoset earphones; Shape: Closed; Microphone, 3.5 - 6.3- …

"FOR: Open and spacious sound; fluid midrange. AGAINST: Difficult to fit comfortably; treble is a little brash; could be more refined; pricey."

1 review | 6 opinions (Above average)


Super Darts
Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

In-ear Headphone; Shape: Closed; Plane adapter, Sound-Isolating, Remote Control, …

"... it's the treble that we have the biggest issue with ... with it comes a brittle edge that makes longer listening sessions quite tiring. ... we can't recommend them next to rivals …

6 reviews


Beyerdynamic DT-1350
Beyerdynamic DT-1350

HiFi Headphone, DJ Headphone, Studio Headphone; Headphones; Pivoting Ear Pieces, Single- …

“If you’re used to using headphones that deliver an analytical sound, feel free to take your expectations up a notch with the DT1350. Terms such as ‘clarity’, ‘definition’ and ‘attention to detail’ …

5 reviews | 8 opinions (Excellent)


TDK ST-700

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: On-ear, Closed; Sound-Isolating, 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, Fold-up

"... Their first win is the comfy fit ... the ST700s exhibit a degree of tonal balance that their overly bassy rivals can't match. There's clear treble and a nice directness to vocals, …

3 reviews | 8 opinions (Excellent)


Cromo IEM75
Lindy Cromo IEM-75

In-ear Headphone; Shape: Closed; Sound-Isolating

Expert Reviews were quite pleased at the quality of Lindy's Cromo IEM-75s, which for a very reasonable outlay produce excellent sound and look stylish and original to boot. The bass is powerful …

1 review | 10 opinions (Above average)


Krusell Motörheadphönes Bomber
Krusell Motörheadphönes Bomber

Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Closed; Microphone, Gold Plated Plug, Remote Control

Like most celebrity-branded headphones, the Motörheadphönes Bomber are overpriced for what they offer. Their muddy bass and weak midrange makes for a disappointing listen even if the treble is well …

2 reviews | 10 opinions (Above average)


AKG K 495 NC

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed, On-ear; Noise-Cancelling, …

Wired.com recommend the AKG K 495 NC headphones if you require external sound to be totally blocked out. This function is very easy to activate, by twisting the metal ring on the left earcup. Even …

1 review | 22 opinions (Average)


SE 425
Shure SE425

In-ear Headphone; Without head band ; Sound-Isolating

"... These are fantastic. ... To say it's immersive is an understatement: the level of finesse on offer is astonishing. They're energetic, too ... These in-ear monitors won't wow …

6 reviews | 194 opinions (Above average)


SE 535
Shure SE535

In-ear Headphone; Without head band ; Sound-Isolating

As you might expect from a pair of earphones with such a seriously high price tag, the Shure SE535's sound amazing. The cables can be replaced and there are ample accessories included with them, …

8 reviews | 194 opinions (Above average)


SRH 1440
Shure SRH1440

Studio Headphone, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Open, Over-ear; Sound-Isolating, …

Shure's SRH1440 have a lot going for them, Trusted Reviews said, praising their precision and detail-revealing capabilities but also warning that if you expect really fat bass, you might be in …

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


SHE 8000
Philips SHE8000

In-ear Headphone; Gold Plated Plug

"They might not be for you if drama is what you seek, but if you like an easygoing sound, these are worth a listen."

1 review | 60 opinions (Above average)


Image X7-i
Klipsch Image X7i

In-ear Headphone; Shape: Closed; Remote Control, Microphone, Sound-Isolating

Bass performance seems to be a huge problem in the headphone world lately, since you either get Beats' and its imitators' bloated low end or you get studio-orientated offerings with a …

2 reviews | 5 opinions (Above average)


Denon AH-NCW500

Bluetooth Headphone, HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: On-ear, Closed; …

The plastic construction of Denon's AH-NCW500s belies their high-end price tag, but luckily, they get almost everything else right. They're solid and comfortable, although the cups can make …

1 review | 26 opinions (Average)



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