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Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats
Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats

In-ear Headphone; Ear-hook earphones; Shape: Open; Microphone

When compared to rivals such as Sony's XBA-S65, the Powerbeats by Dr. Dre come off as overpriced due to their bloated blass, shrill treble and tricky fit. Once you've got the hang of them, …

6 reviews | 22 opinions (Below average)


RHA MA-350
RHA MA-350

In-ear Headphone; Without head band ; Sound-Isolating, Gold Plated Plug

The sub-£30 price of RHA's MA-350s make them an amazing bargain in Coolsmartphone's eyes, since their sound quality is way beyond what you would expect at this price and furthermore, a a …

5 reviews | 615 opinions (Above average)


Sennheiser Amperior
Sennheiser Amperior

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed, On-ear; Pivoting Ear Pieces, …

"Lively sound, but uncomfortable fit."

3 reviews | 19 opinions (Excellent)


Jabra Revo
Jabra Revo

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: On-ear; Remote Control, Single-sided Cable, Microphone, …

Even bass-heads will find Jabra's Revo a bit too much, due to the fact that the bass has been boosted without the highs and mids having been balanced out to make up for it, which means that …

1 review | 63 opinions (Above average)


Sennheiser MM 450-X

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones, Bluetooth Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed, On-ear; …

The build quality of Sennheiser's MM 450-Xs impresses, and its Bluetooth controls are superbly implemented, but in PC Advisor's opinion, it disappoints as a headset and its audio quality is …

2 reviews | 41 opinions (Above average)



In-ear Headphone; Shape: Closed; Noise-Cancelling, Remote Control, Microphone, Plane adapter

Noise-cancelling earphones are rare and expensive and AKG's K391 NCs are no exception, so it can't be said they're exactly a bargain. However, if you are looking for a pair of in-ears …

1 review


Jabra Vox
Jabra Vox

In-ear Headphone; Remote Control, Sound-Isolating, Microphone

Good looks and a light and portable design should make Jabra's Vox an interesting offering, but PC Advisor said it falls flat when it comes to sound quality, since at this price its slightly …

1 review


Focal-JM lab Spirit One

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Closed, Over-ear; Gold Plated Plug, …

"Refined sound, but need more oomph."

3 reviews | 5 opinions (Average)


Sony MDR-ZX600
Sony MDR-ZX600

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Half open, On-ear; Pivoting Ear Pieces, Sound-Isolating, …

If you don't have the cash to splash out on high-end headphones, the MDR-ZX600s offer a viable alternative in Pocket-lint's eyes. They're lightweight, affordable and sound quality is …

2 reviews | 274 opinions (Excellent)


Sennheiser CX 275s

In-ear Headphone; Shape: Closed; Sound-Isolating, Remote Control, Microphone, Gold Plated Plug

"Capable enough, but a lack of cohesion prevents these Sennheisers from truly satisfying in the way that a £50 pair of buds should."

1 review | 27 opinions (Above average)


Custom 1 Pro
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone, Studio Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; …

IT Reviews found it hard to say anything bad about the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros, saying that their customisable sound signature is genuinely useful since it gives you the option to have a flat …

3 reviews | 11 opinions (Above average)


Q701 Quincy Jones
AKG Q701

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Open; 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, …

As is all too common with AKG headphones, the Q701s produce a very neutral sound which, however, is not detailed or insightful, and was described by Hi-Fi News as 'foggy', as if they …

7 reviews | 59 opinions (Excellent)


AE 2
Bose AE2

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Fold-up, Sound- …

Bose has a reputation for products which are poor value for money, but the AE2s are the exception to this: supremely comfortable, great looks and superb sound quality make them an excellent choice in …

8 reviews | 175 opinions (Excellent)


Sennheiser HD 598

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Open; Single-sided Cable, …

Because the HD 598s are open-backed, it means that they leak sound, but they provide a much more open and natural soundstage than closed-back models. Their bass response is superb with movies and …

7 reviews | 98 opinions (Excellent)


Philips SHE9000

In-ear Headphone; Without head band ; Gold Plated Plug

Though the Philips SHE9000 earphones are not bad (better than any included with an MP3 player), there are other earphones out there that are better value and have a higher sound quality. The …

3 reviews | 60 opinions (Above average)


TMA Capital
AIAIAI Capital

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: On-ear, Closed; Fold-up, …

Despite their flimsy looks, the AiAiAi Capitals are actually some of the toughest headphones T3 have tested thanks to their nylon and fibre glass build. They're also very comfortable, although …

1 review | 2 opinions (Excellent)


MA 600

In-ear Headphone; Shape: Closed; Sound-Isolating

"You can get a really good pair of in-ear headphones for £35, but sometimes you’re just in the mood to spend a little more ... if that bass was just a little tighter we'd be giving them the …

1 review | 57 opinions (Above average)


Image 1
Klipsch Image One

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Gold Plated Plug, …

Like most mainstream-orientated headphones these days, the Image One produces an impressive amount of bass that can, despite sounding clean and boasting good extension, on occasions drown out the …

9 reviews | 87 opinions (Above average)


Denon AH-D1100

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Closed, Over-ear; 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, …

PC Advisor said despite not being aesthetically pleasing, the carbon finish on the Denon AH-D1100's speaker housing is a nice touch compared to the plastic headband that tries to look like …

8 reviews | 71 opinions (Above average)


Sennheiser IE60
Sennheiser IE60

In-ear Headphone; Without head band ; Shape: Closed; Sound-Isolating

"FOR: Energetic sound; full bass; good build quality; wide range of ear tips; good isolation. AGAINST: Low frequencies dominate a little too much; high frequencies can get brash."

2 reviews | 2 opinions (Above average)



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