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Panasonic RP-HC700
Panasonic RP-HC700

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Plane adapter, …

“The best model with the best sound. The only circumaural headphones in our test with extremely good audio readings. Good at blocking out ambient noise especially those very low tones. Very effective …

3 reviews | 71 opinions (Above average)


Power Jax plus Remote
Atomic Floyd PowerJax + Remote

In-ear Headphone; Microphone, Remote Control, Sound-Isolating

With their tangle-free cables and metal earpieces, the PowerJax certainly impress right from the off, but more importantly, their sound quality is excellent, especially at the price. Pocket-lint …

2 reviews


HA-M5-X Xtreme Xplosives
JVC HA-M5X Xtreme Xplosives

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Gold Plated Plug, …

If you are a fan of chunky headphones, the JVC HAM5X Xtreme Xplosives Around Ear model might be a suitable choice. They don't have a premium construction but at this budget friendly price point, …

1 review | 269 opinions (Above average)


Bluechipworld iT7x2

Clamshell headphones, Bluetooth Headphone; Headphones; Shape: On-ear; Detachable Cable

The build quality and design of the iT7x2s are their strongest points, and they are definitely an improvement over last year's model. T3 also found them really comfortable to wear thanks to …

1 review


Ultrasone HFi-780

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones, Surround Sound Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed, …

"FOR: Built to last; comfortable fit; enthusiastic, detailed sound. AGAINST: Each extreme of the frequency range is quite easily provoked."

1 review


Bluechipworld iT7x

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones, Bluetooth Headphone, Wireless Headphone; Headphones; …

You can't expect to get the same sound quality from a Bluetooth headset than from a wired one, but all things considered the iT7x is an excellent performer with a fantastic set of features …

2 reviews | 13 opinions (Average)



Studio Headphone; Headphones

"FOR: Comfortable; spacious, even delivery; don't leak as much as the fully open 'phones. AGAINST: Too soft to dig-up the finest details and dynamic nuances; needs a bit more …

1 review | 23 opinions (Excellent)


Air Jax
Atomic Floyd AirJax

Earphone (Earbud); Ear-hook earphones

Although the Atomic Floyd AirJax earphones have a premium build quality, but the thin metal band that attaches them to your ears isn't comfortable. Pocket-lint didn't think it was a durable …

1 review | 6 opinions (Average)


Creative Labs HN-900
Creative Labs HN-900

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Microphone, …

Creative's HN-900 headphones are noise cancelling, and can be picked up cheaper than the big names like Sennheiser and Bose. TrustedReviews found them comfortable and say the battery life is …

1 review | 13 opinions (Average)


Lenco DVP-733

Portable DVD player; Features: Monitor, Card Reader / USB

GadgetSpeak had nothing to say regarding the quality of Lenco's DVP-733, although they did point out that, while content on memory cards and USB flash drives was recognised without any problems, …

1 review | 3 opinions (Excellent)



Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Microphone, …

Although the HA-SR44X's bass is impressive for such affordable headphones, IT Reviews weren't too fond of their performance elsewhere in the frequency range, since the midrange and treble …

1 review


Beyerdynamic T70
Beyerdynamic T70

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, Gold Plated Plug, Single-sided Cable, Sound- …

Beyerdynamic's T70s are a conservative-sounding pair of headphones which pleased Hi-Fi News but didn't blow their mind due to a certain lack of presence and detail. However, they make for …

2 reviews


Meze 66 Classics
Meze 66 Classics

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Detachable Cable, …

Although reviewers at Pocket-lint were unable to say whether wood makes the Meze 66 Classics sound better, they certainly look good and sound-wise there's little to complain about thanks to …

1 review


Sony XBA-4iP

In-ear Headphone, HiFi Headphone; Microphone, Remote Control, Sound-Isolating

"The best Sony headphones we've heard in years."

2 reviews | 28 opinions (Above average)


aevoe moshi Dulcia
aevoe moshi Dulcia

In-ear Headphone; Microphone, Remote Control

The boost that Moshi has given to the Dulcia's highs and lows make for a very lively pair of earphones that tend to flatter recordings. IT Reviews found some mild distortion when tracks with …

1 review


MM 550 Travel
Sennheiser MM550 TRAVEL

Clamshell headphones, Bluetooth Headphone, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed, Over- …

Considering their £300-ish price tag, the MM 550s are a huge disappointment. They're certainly well featured and built, and sound quality with noise cancellation turned off is pretty good, but …

5 reviews | 22 opinions (Excellent)


HP 100
SoundMAGIC HP100

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Plane adapter, …

"Sparkling detail, spacious character."

1 review | 10 opinions (Excellent)


BlueAnt Embrace
BlueAnt Embrace

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Open; Remote Control, …

The appeal of their blockish design might be a matter of taste, but what can't be denied is that BlueAnt's Embrace sounds fantastic in Hi-Fi World's opinion, besides being supremely …

3 reviews | 13 opinions (Excellent)


Ultimate Ears 300

In-ear Headphone; Without head band ; Sound-Isolating

“Likes: neutral sound; tight bass; comfortable ear pads in six different sizes; carry pouch included. Dislikes: highs are a little weak.”

5 reviews | 8 opinions (Above average)


Sony MDR-XB910

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Gold Plated Plug, …

The only reason you should choose the MDR-XB910s over other offerings from Sony is if you're looking for brain-melting bass, otherwise the company has much better balanced options. Hi-Fi World …

3 reviews | 78 opinions (Excellent)



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