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Crossfade M80
V-Moda Crossfade M-80

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed, On-ear; Gold Plated Plug, …

"Good-looking and great fun, the V-Modas should win many fans."

1 review | 42 opinions (Excellent)


KRK Systems KNS 8400
KRK Systems KNS 8400

Studio Headphone, HiFi Headphone, DJ Headphone; Headphones; Gold Plated Plug, Single- …

“Very good impulse response and brilliant resolution with precise bass as well as an overall neutral tone range. ...”

3 reviews


Sony MDR-Z1000
Sony MDR-Z1000

Studio Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Sound-Isolating, …

“Likes: looks very high-quality; good to very good sound at high volume levels. Dislikes: barely allows any air to come into contact with the ears; sits loosely as its fit is not very tight.”

4 reviews | 2 opinions (Excellent)


aJays Four
JAYS a-Jays Four

In-ear Headphone; Microphone

The a-Jays Four earphones have been designed for using with iPhones and their appearance fits in with the Apple style. They have a flat cable which doesn't tangle as easily as more traditional …

6 reviews | 33 opinions (Above average)


Klipsch Image X10i
Klipsch Image X10i

In-ear Headphone; Sound-Isolating, Microphone, Remote Control

They're not exactly cheap, but if you're picky about the quality of your audio, Klipsch's Image X10i will certainly deliver, Computer Act!ve say. They're very comfortable to wear, …

11 reviews | 90 opinions (Above average)


Audez‘e LCD-2
Audez‘e LCD-2

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Open; Gold Plated Plug, …

If the LCD-2s are successful, Hi-Fi News reckon we might start seeing other manufacturers start pumping out isodynamic headphones in a not too distant future. The main difference between them and the …

4 reviews


SRH 440
Shure SRH440

Studio Headphone, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed; 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, Gold Plated …

Shure have always been a popular brand amongst studio professionals, so it's not surprising that Wired think the Shure SRH440 headphones produce a natural and warm sound. Despite being …

8 reviews | 35 opinions (Excellent)


Beyerdynamic T70
Beyerdynamic T70

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Gold Plated Plug, 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter, Sound-Isolating, Single- …

Beyerdynamic's T70s are a conservative-sounding pair of headphones which pleased Hi-Fi News but didn't blow their mind due to a certain lack of presence and detail. However, they make for …

2 reviews


HA-M5-X Xtreme Xplosives
JVC HA-M5X Xtreme Xplosives

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed, Over-ear; Sound-Isolating, Gold Plated Plug

If you are a fan of chunky headphones, the JVC HAM5X Xtreme Xplosives Around Ear model might be a suitable choice. They don't have a premium construction but at this budget friendly price point, …

1 review | 264 opinions (Above average)


XTZ Earphone-12
XTZ Earphone-12

In-ear Headphone; Sound-Isolating, Gold Plated Plug, 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter

Despite their plasticky build and less than appealing looks, XTZ's Earphone-12s are a very impressive offering for the money, producing a sound that's clean, detailed and balanced. Hi-Fi …

1 review


AKG K540
AKG K540

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Half open; Fold-up, 3.5 - 6.3-Adapter

"FOR: Serious but stylish design; semi-open design lends flexibility; reasonably detailed. AGAINST: They lack the detail and openness of the best headphones at this price."

4 reviews | 9 opinions (Above average)


Bluechipworld iT7x2

Bluetooth Headphone; Headphones; Shape: On-ear; Detachable Cable

The build quality and design of the iT7x2s are their strongest points, and they are definitely an improvement over last year's model. T3 also found them really comfortable to wear thanks to …

1 review


Audio-Technica ATH-WS55
Audio-Technica ATH-WS55

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed, Over-ear; Fold-up

For such an affordable pair of headphones, the ATH-WS55s put on a fantastic performance that's well balanced with just a hint of boxiness in the high frequencies. Hi-Fi World were pleasantly …

1 review | 12 opinions (Excellent)


Sony MDR-XB910

Clamshell headphones, HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Over-ear, Closed; Sound-Isolating, …

The only reason you should choose the MDR-XB910s over other offerings from Sony is if you're looking for brain-melting bass, otherwise the company has much better balanced options. Hi-Fi World …

3 reviews | 59 opinions (Excellent)


TDK ST-800

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Gold Plated Plug

“The sound is rather weak in active mode and a bit flat in surround sound mode. Its EQ works effectively. These phones work much better in passive mode delivering a good impulse response, resolution …

5 reviews | 5 opinions (Above average)


Power Jax plus Remote
Atomic Floyd PowerJax + Remote

In-ear Headphone; Remote Control, Microphone, Sound-Isolating

With their tangle-free cables and metal earpieces, the PowerJax certainly impress right from the off, but more importantly, their sound quality is excellent, especially at the price. Pocket-lint …

2 reviews


Q60 Quincy Jones
AKG Q460

HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: On-ear, Closed; Single-sided Cable, …

Even though the AKG Q460 could have sported better build quality, reviewers at Wired.com were still impressed with its performance. They loved its deft handling of bass and its solid mid-range; …

5 reviews | 21 opinions (Above average)


Ultrasone HFi-780

Surround Sound Headphone, HiFi Headphone, Clamshell headphones; Headphones; Shape: Closed, …

"FOR: Built to last; comfortable fit; enthusiastic, detailed sound. AGAINST: Each extreme of the frequency range is quite easily provoked."

1 review


Philips / O'Neill The Snug
Philips / O'Neill The Snug

HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Fold-up, Single-sided Cable

“Likes: cable reel mechanism, groovy colours, nice and punchy bass. Dislikes: a little imprecise.”

5 reviews | 22 opinions (Above average)



HiFi Headphone; Headphones; Shape: Closed, Over-ear; Microphone, Sound-Isolating, …

Although the HA-SR44X's bass is impressive for such affordable headphones, IT Reviews weren't too fond of their performance elsewhere in the frequency range, since the midrange and treble …

1 review



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