Fast Bikes

motorcycles compared:

Two-Stroke Heroes

What was tested? Three two-stroke bikes were reviewed and rated under the headings track, fast road, hooligan, new rider, and desirability. Final scores of 1 x 7, 1 x 8 and 1 x 9 points out of 10 were awarded. Go to magazine

Results of this test:


Yamaha RD 500 LC (65 kW)

9/10 – № 1

With such an easy to use nature and decent road handling, the Yamaha RD500LC proved to offer the finest ride in the Fast Bikes test. It also sounded superb. As with other two-strokes, it can have its issues, and it easily reaches its limits when pushed too hard. It can hold the line well though, feels more solid than the lighter Suzuki and is comfortable.


Suzuki RG 500 Gamma (70 kW)


The built quality of the Suzuki RG500 Gamma didn't overly impress Fast Bikes, but it does deliver a lot of power, although that can feel like being smacked in the face with something very hard. It rides incredibly quickly which combines awe and fear, feeling very light at just 150kg, and with neutral steering. This bike can get a bit pricey if things go wrong with it though.


Yamaha TDR250 (37 kW)


As the TDR250 gets older, it will need to be cared for more, particularly keeping the suspension ship shape and the rubber in top condition. The front brake was poor, with the billet caliper giving little power or feedback. According to Fast Bikes though, this Yamaha is good at taking daily abuse, and although it can't beat the 500s, it offers a crazy ride and great wheelies.