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Seattle Sling wasserdichte Tasche

Camera Armor Seattle Sling Dry Bag

without final score – Best at Keeping Kit Dry

"After picking up a Highly Commended at the Gear of the Year Awards last year, Camera Armor's Seattle Sling is the one to go for if you regularly shoot in extreme conditions and require ultimate durability." more ... (2 reviews & 2 opinions)

Crumpler Messenger Boy 2500

Crumpler Messenger Boy 2500

without final score – Best for Travelling Light

If you have a small camera and need a bag that offers a happy medium between protection and capacity, Digital Photo think that Crumpler's Messenger Boy 2500 would be an excellent choice. more ... (1 review & 3 opinions)

Kata 3N1-30

Kata 3N1-30

without final score – Best Slingback Bag

"The 3N1-30 is very spacious, offering plenty of room for the other items you want to take in an expedition. At £99 it represents great value for money for a medium-size bag." more ... (1 review & 17 opinions)

Kata DC-445

Kata DC-445

without final score – Best Shoulder Bag

"If it's a convenient shoulder bag you want that features an outstanding build quality, you can't go wrong with the KATA-445." more ... (3 reviews & 11 opinions)

Pro Trekker 300 AW

Lowepro Pro Trekker 300AW

without final score – Best Masses of Kit

"If you love venturing outdoors, demand a big capacity and require protection from inclement weather, you won't go wrong with the Lowepro Trekker 300AW, but this workhorse will set you back £225." more ... (1 review & 20 opinions)

Uprise 48

Vanguard Up-Rise 48

without final score – Best Backpack

"Are you looking for a sturdy backpack that you can rely on day in, day out? If so, the Vanguard Up-rise 48 is one of the best options and at a reasonable £99, it scores well in value for money terms." more ... (2 reviews & 14 opinions)