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Training wheels

What was tested? Ten sets of training wheels were reviewed and rated. Final scores between 73% and 96% were awarded. Go to magazine

Results of this test:


Strada Velocity A23

96% – Best on Test

In 220 Triathlon's opinion, the hand-built Strada Velocity A23s are nearly too good for mere training wheels. They weigh an impressive 1,527g and have a wider 23mm rim which should offer better resistance to punctures. Both free rolling and on ascents, they feel wonderful and racy. They also offer free truing-for-life, a one year warranty and set of titanium QR skewers.

Pro-Lite Bracciano

Pro-Lite Bracciano

88% – Ed's Choice

Weighing in at just 1,520g, the Pro-Lite Braccianos are the lightest set in 220 Triathlon's test, yet these totally hand-built wheels show no signs of flex and should be long lasting. With the ideal balance between strength, performance and pot-hole handling, they offer a pleasurable ride, rolling well on flat ground and excelling on uphill climbs.


Halo Aero Rage

82% – Best Buy

220 Triathlon's only minor gripe with the Halo Aero Rage wheels is their lack of rim tape, meaning you can't head straight out on them when you get them home unless you already have some tape. However, the specification is good, and they are solidly built, making the ride comfortable. The price is also great value, even once you've paid extra for the tape.

EA 70

Easton EA70


The lack of rim tape set the Easton EA70s off on the wrong foot with 220 Triathlon, and the heavy 1,636g weight didn't help either. Once rolling though, they began to show how well they could perform, and although they could be a bit harsh, they deliver a great stiffness and snap. They also climb very well considering their weight.

Planet X Model B Wheelset

Planet X Model B Wheelset


Planet X is a dependable make for wheels, and the Model Bs offer a solid performance and decent value for the money, according to 220 Triathlon. They weigh in at a reasonable 1,607g and the spec is also fair. There is no notable flex or drag, so although the ride might not wow you, it won't feel too harsh either.

RS80 C24

Shimano WH-RS80 Carbon C24-CL


The Shimano RS80 C24 wheels are carbon with an alloy braking surface to ensure they remain stiff and lightweight, but with no compromise to their braking ability. They have a sparce and race oriented bladed spoke set-up. The performance they give on smooth surfaces and climbs is incredible, but in 220 Triahlon's opinion, they can be rather harsh.

C 24 Lite

Cole C24 Lite


The inclusion of basic QR skewers and a padded bag put the Cole C24 Lite wheels off to a good start, and 220 Triathlon thought they looked just the ticket with their bladed spokes. The limited number of spokes is backed up with the innovative Dynamic Spoke Alignment which keeps them strong and hard-wearing. The ride can be a bit harsh at times, but otherwise they ride well.

Rolf Prima Aspin SL

Rolf Prima Aspin SL


With a light 1,561g weight and double spoking pattern which leaves lots of space around the rim, 220 Triathlon consider the Rolf Prima Aspin SL to be more like climbing wheels. They show no signs of flex, climbing with aplomb and responding well to acceleration and kicks. Unfortunately the harsh ride makes less suitable for training, especially on UK roads.


Reynolds Shadow


At 1,827g, the Reynolds Shadow wheels are the heaviest in the 220 Triathlon test, but they roll well and give a good quality ride, although they are slower to accelerate and feel heavier on ascents. On flat ground, they keep a steady pace, and handle well. In this test, these are the lowest priced hand-built wheels, and they have a good specification.

Tricon R1700

DT-Swiss R 1700 Tricon


The DT-Swiss Tricon R 1700s are a solid feeling set of wheels that soak up bumpy roads, ascend and roll well and have lovely smooth hubs. They are the highest priced wheels in the 220 Triathlon test, though, and although they are reliable and offer top-notch Swiss quality, they are somewhat boring, especially considering this high price tag.